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The Complete Sales Planning Handbook

Learn everything you need to know, including best practices for sales capacity, quota, compensation, forecasting, and territory planning in this complete handbook to sales planning.

Manual sales planning just doesn't cut it anymore. Today's world is growing more digital in response to a need for quicker decision-making, and the pandemic has only accelerated that. Research from Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index shows that 80 percent of organizations have fast-tracked some digital transformation programs. Is your sales team one of those organizations?

The more accurate your assumptions are, the better off your sales team is for the year ahead. While your gut instinct might point you in the right direction, when you use data to guide planning, you can increase performance by more than 15% and sales productivity by up to 20%. 

Automated, data-driven solutions simplify their sales planning process and set accurate baselines. Using intelligent insights to back decisions and continuously analyze your sales processes empowers you to proactively monitor and optimize plans to adapt to market conditions on a quarterly, monthly, or even daily basis. 

Strong sales performance starts with strategic planning. Discover everything you need to know in this step-by-step sales planning handbook. In the guide, you'll get first-hand knowledge of critical planning functions, such as how to:

  • Model for different sales coverage scenarios
  • Understand resource and capacity management
  • Accurately Plan Sales Quotas
  • Balance territory design
  • Leverage AI/ML to optimize and forecast sales pipeline 
  • Automate and Simplify Incentive Compensation Processes

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