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The True Cost of Manual Sales Ops Processes

Discover how SPM used to automate sales operations processes can help organizations consistently achieve 40-50% new business win rates and 80-90% renewal win rates.

Historically, companies have looked to motivate and drive sales behaviors through incentive compensation. As companies evolved their incentive compensation processes, they started to understand the need and importance of accurate sales planning to hit revenue targets.

As organizations have increasingly expanded their sales operations, they quickly discovered that manual management in spreadsheets and homegrown tools is both inefficient, inaccurate, and nearly impossible to scale. In this guide, you'll learn how using SPM to automate sales ops processes, B2B businesses can: 

  • Consistently achieve new business win rates of 40-50%
  • Attain 80-90% renew win rates
  • Increase 99% sales compensation payout accuracy

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  • Sales Planning