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On-Demand: Forecasting Fridays May Standup: Sales Coaching

It’s tricky to effectively coach sellers. Whether you’re in Sales leadership, RevOps, or Sales Ops, you’re busy, and providing personalized coaching on the next-best steps for each deal is unrealistic.

Check out this Forecasting Fridays webinar – a super quick (20-minute), actionable webinar all about how to effectively and efficiently coach sellers. You’ll walk away with tips on:

  • How to use real-time alerts to move deals forward
  • How to coach effectively AND efficiently
  • How to use the qualitative and quantitative data you have available to create change within an organization from the bottom to the top
  • How to automatically see and use insights on how your reps are performing

Coach. Grow. Win.

Watch on-demand now! 

  • Compensation
  • Forecasting
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Sales Planning
Webinar Speakers
Image of Stephanie Schall, forecasting expert and Senior Solutions Consultant at Xactly.
Stephanie Schall
Global Forecasting Strategist

Stephanie Schall is a forecasting expert who has spent the last four years working closely with revenue leaders to uncover and help solve their forecasting challenges, breaking down silos across the organization, educating around best practices that drive the right behaviors and result in forecast accuracy and predictable revenue.

Jason Snell
Jason Snell
Forecasting Xpert

Jason Snell is a revenue forecasting specialist with more than 20 years of experience. He helps companies maximize their revenue through analytics and technology solutions.