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The Hockey Stick Hypothesis

Discover why there is often a significant peak in closed deals at the end of quarter and year in this webinar where we debunk the sales hockey stick hypothesis.

It’s no surprise that sales performance experiences highs and lows throughout the year. That said, there is often a significant peak towards the end of a quarter or year—when a mad dash to close deals causes a hockey-stick-like burst in performance. Oftentimes, sales orgs decide “That’s just the way it is” and call it good enough. Sound familiar?

What if the tenacity and fire that fuels hockey stick performance were consistent throughout the entire year? Consider the impact on the effectiveness of your sales organization.

Xactly’s own Insights data has shown patterns that debunk aspects of the hockey stick theory. On May 8, join Xactly experts, Michelle Howard and Gary Cottrell, as we discuss the synergy of data and effective sales planning to drive impressive results all year.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How the hockey stick differently affects your various team members

  • What the data shows between top and bottom performers

  • The importance of sales planning and covering the gaps

  • Sales Performance Management