Predicting Future Revenue Performance with Precision

Strengthen your revenue forecasting accuracy and visibility.


Managing Commissions Under the New Revenue Recognition Standard

Learn the necessary steps to prepare, transition, and comply with the new Revenue Recognition Standard, also known as ASC 606 (IFRS 15).


6 Strategies to Building an Accurate Sales & Revenue Forecast

When it comes to hitting your sales numbers, you only have two options: do or don’t. And for executive leadership and board members, ‘don’t’ is not the right answer. 


The Enterprise Leader’s Guide to Success in the New Revenue Era

The world as we know it has changed dramatically. It’s safe to say that our traditional selling tactics no longer cut it. Here’s everything you need to know about the new sales era and why Sales Performance Management (SPM) is crucial to surviving it.

LinkedIn Customer Story with Xactly

LinkedIn Chooses Xactly to Increase Agility and Drive Strategic Growth

As a continually evolving global company, LinkedIn needed an Intelligent Revenue solution to increase efficiency for its Sales Operations and Sales Compensation teams, provide visibility into sales team targets and performance for its executives, and to allow leaders to make quick and meaningful changes to sales plans that would drive the necessary sales behavior.

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Here for Today's Revenue Leaders

Xactly’s Intelligent Revenue Platform enables revenue leaders to think ahead and stay ahead instead of relying on intuition and hunches. We help drive data-backed decisions that inspire performance, create confidence, and take teams to the next level. See how you can begin driving revenue that’s resilient, profitable, and predictable with Xactly.

What is Intelligent Revenue?

Not all revenue is created equally, nor is it all beneficial for your business. Hear Xactly CRO Jamie Anderson explain Intelligent Revenue and how you can use it to understand different kinds of revenue and know which levers to pull to fuel growth.

The Revenue Revolution is Here

Hear the latest on how Xactly’s new Intelligent Revenue Platform is accelerating digital transformation. Join the keynote with Chris Cabrera, Xactly’s founder and CEO and Jamie Anderson, Xactly’s CRO, to learn how you can transform your business.

Become an Exceptional Revenue Organization with the Power of Xactly on Oracle

Xactly uses Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure to create a customer experience that’s seamless and optimized. This partnership empowers revenue intelligence and eliminates intuition bias in a way that’s secure, scalable, and backed by data.
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