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We don't take a 'learn-as-we-go' approach - you'll be provided with a small team of tenured experts who are ready to hit the ground running. With our own benchmarking database, we're uniquely equipped to design solutions that fit your needs and work with your technology.

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Sales Compensation

If you find that your compensation plans are too complicated, too expensive, and not driving the results you're looking for, we can help. Partner with us to design a compensation plan to motivate reps, target new customers, and grow your business - all with a low implementation cost.

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Workforce Planning

Worried that you don't have the right sales workforce balance to drive competitive results? Our consultants can help you figure out how many people you need in which roles, how to balance your reps between territories and specialties, and more.

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Forecasting and Goal Setting

Xactly can help with your forecasting and goal-setting efforts, even when sales are lumpy, territory opportunities are imbalanced, or historical data is inadequate or non-existent.

Just a few of Xactly's consulting customers:

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Sales Compensation

Optimize Your Compensation Plans

For 19 years, Xactly has been the proven leaders in generating the highest rates of return from sales compensation. We've redesigned and optimized compensation plans for hundreds of clients across industries.

The Payment Tail: The Sales Compensation Plan That Destroys Companies
When to Split a Sales Generalist into a Hunter and Farmer

Workforce Planning

Match Your Sales Capacity to the Market

Xactly’s team of experts are world leaders in capacity planning and sales sizing. We work with you to design the optimal roles to cover the market, based on cost to serve and potential return. Xactly is uniquely positioned to lead in this space, as our Benchmarking database allows us to compare your sales capacity to the market.

Forecasting and Goal Setting

Improve Forecast Accuracy and Minimize Financial Risk

Forecasts are the roadmap to an organization. At Xactly, we design goals, compensation plans, and job roles to reflect forecast accuracy and minimize financial risk.

As an industry leader in the science of forecasting, we work with clients to minimize the underlying volatility that makes forecasting and goal-setting difficult. When volatility cannot be minimized, we work with clients to create models that increase goal accuracy through advanced statistical modeling and advanced ML.

Sales Forecasting Methodologies and How They Create the Need for the Sales Plan
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