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Xactly Strategic Services is a business consulting division that utilizes Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) best practices and expert knowledge to help clients optimize their sales compensation program and sales planning.

We empower every company to unleash top performance through the effective use of sales planning and compensation to drive focus and needed results from their sales organization. Xactly’s Sales Compensation Design Practice works with clients to ensure their plans designs are right for their business, focusing their sales team on the most important sales, correctly balancing risk and upside in the plans, and delivering solid value to the business for their sales compensation investment.

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Prepare for ICM Success

Identify and eliminate existing challenges in your current ICM program before the implementation of technology 

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Access and Monitor Your ICM Program

Gain visibility and insights into the effectiveness of your ICM program.

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Optimize Administration & Change Management

Identify and eliminate inefficiencies in your organization's current incentive compensation management program. 


Xactly Sales Compensation Plan Design Services

Xactly’s Sales Compensation Design Practice works with you to ensure your compensation plan designs are right for your business, driving the right sales team behavior, balancing risk and upside in the plans, and maximizing ROI for your sales compensation spend.

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Our plan design experts understand the realities of plan administration, and will only recommend plans that are straightforward to manage and ready to implement in your Sales Performance Management solution.

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Enable your leadership with a solid understanding of sales compensation principles and best practices for your business today, and know how to adapt them as your business needs change in the future. 

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The sales compensation puzzles of smaller sales teams can be solved quickly, usually in a matter of a few weeks, with a dedicated workshop led by our industry experts.




Large or Complex Sales Organizations?

For clients with large or complex sales organization, with many compensation plans, or with substantial change management needed, we will work with you to understand your specific situation and devise a custom approach to meet your needs.
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