Xactly Forecasting MVP Terms and Conditions

As a part of the Xactly Forecasting Service set forth herein, Xactly will provide, at no additional cost, the Xactly Forecasting MVP configuration (“Forecasting MVP”). Customer will have thirty (30) days from the Start Date of this Order Form to opt-out of Forecasting MVP and the Xactly Forecasting Services for the remainder of the Order Form term provided that Customer provides Xactly with at least three days’ written notice (notice by email to suffice) of its intention to opt-out of the remainder of the Order Form term for Forecasting MVP and the Xactly Forecasting Service. Immediately upon the thirty-first (31st) day of the term of this Order Form; (i) Customer’s right to opt-out of the remaining term with respect to Forecasting MVP and the Xactly Forecasting Service immediately expires (ii) any configuration of Xactly Forecasting provided under Forecasting MVP will continue through the End Date or other termination of this Order Form (subject to the terms of the Agreement); (iii) Customer understands and acknowledges that any additional configuration not offered with and in addition to Forecasting MVP may require Professional Services work under a separately executed SOW, which if Customer does enter into such a separately executed SOW, then the opt-out option provided for hereunder immediately expires; and (iv) Xactly will invoice Customer for the full Order Form term of Forecasting MVP and the Xactly Forecasting Service pursuant to the terms of the Agreement and this Order Form.

Customer acknowledges and understands that the provision of Forecasting MVP may include:

  • Forecast Templates across the hierarchy (Sales Rep, 1st Line Manager, 2nd Line Manager, Sales Leader)
  • Pipeline Views of Customer Data
  • Opportunity Scoring configured for ideal customer profile, momentum, and sales methodology
  • Alerts to drive action around the sales process and methodology
  • Mini Opp360 configuration around the selling process and methodology
  • Coach module to understand performance across the org
  • Salesforce data source integration with one Salesforce instance

Forecasting MVP may not be engaged for items outside of those listed above, including but not limited to:

  • Integrating with data sources outside of SFDC
  • Multiple SFDC instances
  • Customer-specific configuration

The provision of the Forecasting MVP is limited to one (1) per Customer, including Customer Affiliates.