3 Ways Territory Mapping Software Profits Your Business

Nov 01, 2017
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Total revenue and sales reps motivation impact your ability to close deals. Learn how territory planning software makes it easier for companies to do both.

Two big things hinge on your company’s ability to close sales deals – total business revenue and the livelihood of your sales reps. Yesterday, Xactly announced territory mapping software that makes it simpler for organizations to achieve both.

Xactly AlignStar® makes the territory planning process faster and more effective for today’s sales teams. With Xactly’s territory mapping software, you can more easily identify the right level of the right opportunities in the right geography for each sales rep, allowing you to:

  • Balance workload and sales potential
  • Refine local territories and accounts
  • Motivate reps with fair territory allocation

Each of the above is critical to maximize profit for you and your sales team.


Everything You Need to Know About Sales Territories

1. Balancing Workload and Sales Potential

Without intelligent insights, you can’t fairly distribute sales opportunities and workloads. If you’re using a manual process to allocate sales territories, it’s difficult to ensure travel efficiencies.

With the integration of account level information from your CRM and geographical and market data, Xactly AlignStar for Salesforce territory mapping software increases your ability to plan balanced territories. Sales operations and field sales managers can make territory adjustments with their fingertips and immediately assess how changes impact territories and view opportunities visualized on a map.

How Your Business Profits

Sales performance starts with territory planning. If there aren’t enough opportunities in a given territory, your reps won’t hit quota. If territories are too large or geographically spread out for a rep to hit all the opportunities, you’re losing out on deals and revenue. If reps are traveling too much, they’re not selling as much!

With balanced territories, you ensure the bandwidth to close new business and serve existing customers. With greater insights, you can focus efforts on the opportunities with the most potential. Additionally, your reps have a higher likelihood of reaching their desired earnings level and staying on board.

2. Optimizing Local Territories and Accounts

Historically, in journalism, reporters often turn to the “man on the street” to gain insights and first-hand observations of news incidents. People on the ground can see things that you can’t when sitting up in an office. Why should your territory planning be any different?

Field sales managers have regional knowledge and expertise about territories and the accounts in them. By giving field sales managers the ability to make adjustments in their own territories, Xactly AlignStar for Salesforce empowers you to apply that expertise for business value. Xactly AlignStar for Salesforce helps “democratize” your territory planning – making it a more inclusive and team effort.

How Your Business Profits

First, by allowing the field to contribute to the process, you end up with a superior product. They have in-depth knowledge – why wouldn’t you want to use it to build stronger territories? With territories that are better aligned, you improve your overall sales coverage and rep productivity.

Second, this capability transforms and streamlines the territory planning process. Shortening the territory planning cycle is a huge time-saver for your business!

When implemented manually and as a sequential process, territory planning takes months of coordinating and reconciling multiple spreadsheets. By speeding and automating this process, you dramatically cut the time needed for this process and increase efficiencies.

3. Motivating Reps with Fair (and Transparent) Territory Allocation

Motivating people requires more than just money. It includes a combination of multiple things, such as personal recognition, professional advancement, and 1:1 time with leadership, among others.

On the other hand, it takes just one thing to demotivate people, and the top way is to treat employees unfairly. When employees believe they are being treated unfairly, their job satisfaction, motivation, and performance all suffer.

If reps perceive that their territory doesn’t provide the same opportunity as another rep’s territory, they quickly become demotivated and dissatisfied.

At Xactly, we’re focused on helping companies incentivize their employees to drive desired behaviors. Xactly AlignStar for Salesforce supports that company-wide commitment. With Xactly AlignStar for Salesforce, territory alignment becomes data-driven. The data drives how territories are distributed. With greater transparency, reps have a better understanding of how opportunities are being divvied up. This helps abolish the perception of unfair territory assignments.

How Your Business Profits

Never underestimate the power of motivation or, conversely, the impact of demotivation. Both greatly affect your organization’s productivity.

When reps are dissatisfied, turnover increases – a huge cost to the business, estimated at over $100K per rep. If they don’t leave but are dissatisfied, engagement suffers. Engagement goes down, meaning sales efforts and your sales go down. Keeping employees engaged and motivated benefits your bottom line.

Elevate Your Position at the Finish Line with Territory Planning

It’s November. Most companies are in a race to the fiscal year finish line.

Take a moment to consider this year’s performance. Did you meet revenue goals? How would you rate rep quota attainment?

Territory planning should not be an annual exercise. Modernized territory mapping software can help increase the precision, accuracy, and strategic value of your territory alignment to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase sales
  • Increase revenue

With territory planning software and incentive compensation solutions, Xactly gives companies an end-to-end SPM product suite to drive sales performance.

Xactly AlignStar for Salesforce provides you with an interactive, map-based interface to view different territory alignments and apply different sales potential and workload factors. By analyzing how your sales force is deployed, Xactly AlignStar lets you optimize travel efficiencies and increase your reps’ selling time. With greater input from the field, you can respond faster and apply regional knowledge into your territory design.

If you’re interested in learning how you can leverage modernized territory planning to improve your business results, please visit Xactly at Dreamforce. Come to the Xactly booth (#1614 Moscone South) for a demonstration of Xactly AlignStar for Salesforce or visit the Xactly Kickback.

Better yet, set up a meeting with one of our reps in advance.

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Jennifer Dignum
Jennifer Dignum
Senior Product Marketing Manger

Jennifer Dignum is Senior Product Marketing Manager at Xactly Corporation. As a seasoned marketing professional and independent consultant, Jennifer has over 15 years of experience working with both private and public companies across a broad range of technology industries.