How Justin Ritchie Changed the Game at Cox Automotive

Mar 02, 2020
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Working with Xactly, Ritchie was able to increase efficiency, optimize processes, and boost transparency across Cox Automotive to achieve broader business objectives.

The term ‘game-changer’ has been thrown around frequently—it’s been used to describe something as inconsequential as hair products, and as critical as renewable energy. But when I say Justin Ritchie is a game-changer, I mean it. He took a manual process that wasn’t working and transformed it into a tightly run, automated and efficient machine. Ultimately, he was able to drive revenue and save resources for the entire organization. He changed the game at his company, and you can too. 

Setting The Wheels In Motion 

At a high level, Cox Automotive was experiencing  the following challenges:

  • a lack of integration between database sources, leading to confusion, discrepancies, time-consuming manual data uploads, and reconciliation efforts;
  • the inability to glean analytics due to poor rules-based configurations that prevented transparency; and
  • underutilized analytics reporting, commission estimation capability, and other functionalities were guesswork. Cox Automotive was not using its data insights strategically.

Enter Justin Ritchie. He confidently began the project with the mindset that Xactly’s solution would become a constant through point within the sales organization—a technology that its salespeople would interact with on a regular cadence each day, so much so that it would become second nature.

Mind-blowing Results (Worth Mentioning) 

Cox Automotive is part of the $21 billion conglomerate Cox Enterprises Inc. employing more than 30,000 people in more than 100 countries and powering $46 billion in transactions annually. SPM is a big challenge for organizations today, and to stay ahead of the pack, sales leaders at Manheim, the U.S. Inventory Solutions division of Cox Automotive, knew that they had to reinvent their sales compensation program. Working with Xactly, Ritchie was able to increase efficiency, optimize processes, and boost transparency across the organization to achieve broader business objectives. 

His work was recognized and he was also promoted, in fact, several times. When he first began his partnership with us, he held the role of Senior Director, Sales Compensation and he is currently in the highly-visible, strategic, and impactful role of AVP of Enablement and Execution.

The results achieved at Cox were enough to make any boss proud—overall, the team was able to free up more than 170 hours of administrative time per pay period, resulting in $2.1 million in total savings. Instead of the previous manual effort spent closing the books, now they have the time to build out strategic initiatives to open up new revenue potential. What’s more, the improved experience for sales reps has led to increased engagement. 

On the sales forecasting side, the company’s attainment was 99 percent last year—an incredible achievement when compared to companies that do not use SPM solutions, who average about 53 percent, according to CSO Insights. The technology that Cox has implemented is powering extreme accuracy across the sales organization.

Ch-Ch-Ch Change Agent 

So...why should Justin’s project and promotions at this company matter to you

Ritchie’s decision to lead a Sales Performance Management (SPM) overhaul at Cox Automotive and begin a challenging transformation was an incredibly complex project. Change is one of the hardest things anyone can do—many people would place it high on their list of fears— because change can be challenging and uncomfortable. However, when faced head-on, it often leads to incredible results. Being a catalyst for change is essential when you want to leave the status quo behind. 

If you’d like to find out more about how to be a change agent and transform your sales performance expectations into impressive outcomes, start the conversation now.

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Jordan Scott
Jordan Scott
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Jordan Scott is the Manager of Content Marketing at Xactly. She attended The University of California at Santa Cruz, and received degrees in Literature and Education.