Part 2: Is the Massive Success of Ride Sharing Rooted in Incentives?

3 min read

A couple weeks back I wrote a blog post asking “is the massive success of ride sharing rooted in incentives?” The question came to me after speaking with a close friend and her reasoning behind becoming a ride sharing driver. To be completely honest, after I wrote that post I didn’t think much of it. Ride sharing’s success continues to skyrocket, with Lyft recently expanding to Napa and Sonoma to make everyone’s wine tasting plans that much easier, and my friend is still driving (when she feels like it). So why I am back? On June 5th, Lyft and a company called AnyPerk announced an interesting partnership. This partnership is 100% rooted in incentives and perks for their drivers. Lyft recognized the need to entice new drivers to join their network and knew that people enjoy working for a company that offers “extras” outside of the paycheck. Now this rationale is nothing new; companies all over the world create creative and practical incentive programs to motivate employees’ behavior and increase overall employee happiness. Lyft’s motivation for using a program like this stems from how competitive it has become to recruit and retain drivers as other, more well known ridesharing companies, dominate the space. As of late the program specifics haven’t been disclosed, they may be offering them discounts, which include cellular providers, gyms, pet stores, and more, to all employees. Or if they are smart, they’ll stagger the perks to be available depending on the driver’s tenure with the company or the overall positive rating of the individual driver. For an incentive program to be successful, it should do three things: 1. Reward based on attainable individual goals 2. Drive behavior in line with overall company goals 3. Non-cash rewards should be personalized or an employee should be able to select from a few different choices based on their preference It’ll be interesting to see if other ride-sharing companies start promoting programs like this one. But one thing we know, they’ll have to look for another perks program or create one internally as the Lyft/AnyPerk deal was an exclusive for the travel space.