Returning to CompCloud: 7 Moments I'm Looking Forward to

6 min read

In a few weeks, Xactly will be kicking off our user conference, CompCloud, in beautiful San Francisco. I love this event for the energy, the information, and the interactions. This is the best opportunity to talk to people at the leading edge of employee motivation and picking up the latest research and market trends in pay for performance. Here’s a list of 7 moments I’ll be looking forward to at this year’s 3-day event.

1. Day 0 with Xactlians

My week always starts on Monday, grabbing dinner with my fellow Xactlians who have flown in from across the globe. We compare notes on what we are seeing in different industries, locations, and roles – discussing the best ways to help our customers solve their challenges. P.S. There is still a little room at the Hyatt, and I would love to see more of my colleagues at CompCloud!

2. Day 1 with Customers

The morning of the event, I grab breakfast with customers, following up with them about plan design questions and product development requests. Meeting face-to-face makes a significant difference in communications, and 5 minutes over coffee and a bagel is hugely valuable. As always, Chris Cabrera’s opening keynote will be entertaining and informative – providing a great picture of Xactly’s progress and future.

3. The Future of Xactly

Our President and COO Evan Ellis kicks off day 2, and the day is bookended when Desta Price delivers an amazing roadmap update to our customers, showing where we are going next with our technology.

4. Future Customers

We also open up ourselves to people who are still determining if they are ready for Xactly (or, as I like to call them – future customers). They have access to all sessions, all presentations and more importantly, they have a chance to ask questions of our executives and current clients. Our openness and willingness to address any challenge are why we are constantly recognized for our customer service. 

5. Breakout Sessions

The thought leadership is brought to the forefront in scores of breakout sessions as well. I am working on 3 different presentations right now, but one stands out as an example of how we share our own information. In “How Xactly leveraged Xactly Insights™,” I will be discussing how we at Xactly use our own technology to benchmark ourselves against companies in our industry and understand how other companies measured their sales teams. This data allowed us to identify opportunities for improvement, propose changes, achieve buy-in from key stakeholders across the company, and improve the way we close business. That is an open culture.

6. Reconnecting

One of my favorite memories of CompCloud was running into a client of mine from my consulting days at Sibson & Company. I had been working on analyzing the sales compensation practices of two companies during an acquisition, and she had been part of the team, at the acquired company, providing me with data. It had been 15 years since we had talked, and her new firm had purchased Xactly Incent and she was on the team leading the use of our software. It wasn't until my presentation that she recognized me and walked up to re-introduce. The world of incentive compensation specialists is small, though we cover the globe. Running into each other at the conference is a great way to re-connect.

7. Great Post-Event Conversations

That reconnection also triggers a lot of great conversations over meals or at one of the many happy hour receptions our partners help provide. The most common comment is "I thought that we were the only ones facing that." followed by, “That happens in your industry, too? I thought it was just ours that was so twisted!" People will start throwing out challenges of, "How did you deal with this?" and the table will start talking about their approach. I jump in with my experience, and then we start pulling a few other experienced experts at the show to slowly pull together some recommendations. What are you looking forward to at CompCloud 2017? Tweet us @XactlyCorp or @erikchaz, using the hashtag #CC17 and #inspireamazing.