Top Sales Training Ideas with Xactly Inspireā„¢

7 min read

Every sales organization has its “A”, “B,” and “C” performers. Sales leaders know that moving the “B” and “C” players to the “A” level gives organizations a huge productivity boost and delivers higher revenue. Discovering the sales training ideas that make it possible is the question.

One of the things that sets your “A” players apart from other reps is how they communicate with prospects. They have an innate ability to convey the value proposition of your solution in a helpful, consultative way. Imagine if there were an easy way to help your “B” and “C” players to talk like your top performers.

That’s what Xactly Inspire™ does for your team. Built by leading sales productivity experts, Xactly Inspire provides an environment where reps can engage in sales training exercises like listening to each other’s pitches and providing immediate rep-to-rep feedback and scoring. By sharing pitches and war stories in a collaborative, online environment, Xactly Inspire gets all your reps talking like your top reps.

Following are seven ideas to take your training topics to the next level with Xactly Inspire—speeding time-to-quota for new reps, keeping reps on message, and preparing them for success.

1. Peer-to-Peer Reviews

With social collaboration capabilities, reps can see and hear the pitches of top performers–to learn how to talk like them, as well as get feedback on their own performance. With Inspire’s peer-to-peer reviews, reps can also rank each other and offer suggestions for improvement. Instant online performance analysis delivers easy and collaborative coaching. Reps can share their war stories, practice pitches, and get immediate input on areas of improvement.

2. Training On-demand

You don’t know when or where a rep might need to look at data. Today’s reps need on-demand access – to everything. If a rep needs a piece of information, they want it ASAP. Training is no different. Maybe they have 15 extra minutes before a customer presentation and want to do a quick review of best practices. Or, maybe they’d like to view a short video clip of an “A” player before making their pitch. With Xactly Inspire, reps can easily do both on-demand.

3. Everything is Mobile

Inspire doesn’t just give reps on-demand access to training. It gives them on-demand access on any mobile device. This is key. Today’s salespeople are continuously connected. For any tool to give them value, it must be 100 percent mobile-friendly. It needs to load well, be visually pleasing and simple to use on a mobile device. Our reps love the ability to use Inspire on the mobile device of their choice.

4. Customized to Individual Reps

Your reps have different areas of expertise and different experience levels. It’s highly doubtful that your seasoned reps want – or need – the same training as your millennial reps. If you’re using sales onboarding or training software, you should be able to specify content based on reps’ particular needs. With Inspire’s micro-certifications, you can see how reps perform and customize training to their needs.

When you personalize sales coaching, you also increase rep satisfaction. This, in turn, improves your rep retention and performance.    

5. Online Playbooks

To get all of your reps talking like “A” reps, they need to understand the right response for every sales scenario. An online playbook lets reps find the best approach at any stage of the sales process. With Inspire, you can easily build online playbooks tailored for your organization. You can even let reps know the right response if they lose a deal.     

6. Repeatable Processes

Onboarding is much more effective and efficient when you leverage repeatable processes. As a sales leader, you need to understand what works in your onboarding process – so you can use it over again to increase and speed your success rate. Inspire helps analyze behaviors so you can build a more successful onboarding experience with repeatable processes. By identifying the practices of top reps, you can repeat them across the team.

7. Marketing Support

Marketing is committed to the success of your sales team. They invest a lot of time and resources hosting webinars, attending events, and developing materials to help your team sell more – and more effectively. However, all too often, marketing collateral, customer stories and other great assets fall into a black hole. Inspire gives teams a better way to distribute marketing material and track usage through team and rep reports.

Sales reps don’t have the same amount of customer engagement they did in the past. So, when you get them in front of prospects, you want them prepared, on message, and able to leverage the pitching techniques of your best sellers. By giving teams the most innovative coaching and training capabilities – that they can apply and learn from when and how they want – Xactly Inspire makes sales development fun, collaborative, and continuous.