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Xactly Acquires Canadian-Based SPM Upstart Obero

Feb 13, 2018
2 min read
Xactly has acquired Obero to expand their end-to-end sales performance management offerings. Obero helps companies adhere to ASC 606 (IFRS 15) more easily.

As I wrote a few weeks back, we are at an unprecedented crossroad in business. There has never been more opportunity or more risk, and enterprises are in a constant balance between protecting and extending their current investments, while also innovating and looking to the future.

At Xactly, we are always evolving to help you, our customers, navigate these changing waters and use sales as a catalyst to fuel both bottom line and company growth. Continuing our commitment to deliver the innovative technologies you need to compete and win in your respective market, today I am pleased to announce we have acquired Obero.

A fast-growing sales performance management (SPM) company based in Canada, Obero has developed a number of key solutions, including rich sales planning and ASC 606 / IFRS 15 capabilities that will be critical to your success in the coming months and years.

The new revenue recognition standards, in particular, have the potential to be one of the most disruptive forces in managing sales compensation that I have ever seen in my more than two decades in the space. With this acquisition, we are accelerating our ability to help you meet this challenge while creating a world-class sales organization driven by intelligent planning and execution across the sales lifecycle.

Here is how this acquisition will immediately benefit your organization:

  • ASC 606 / IFRS 15: With the combined power of Xactly and Obero, you will have an end-to-end solution to capture, track, record, and report commission data at the level needed for capitalizing commission expenses in accordance with the new guidelines.
  • Better sales planning: Combining Xactly’s planning solutions and prescriptive big data intelligence with Obero’s sales planning technology, you will have the ability to increase sales team potential by aligning market opportunity with accurate capacity planning, quota-setting, and forecasting. This also complements our Xactly AlignStar capabilities - ensuring you always have the right sales staff, covering the right locations.
  • Managing Profitability: Obero’s technology also brings additional ICM functionality to Xactly’s enterprise compensation solutions, including revenue, expense and profitability management - enhancing financial management with accurate forecasting and planning for all compensation related costs.

The last few quarters have been some of the most exciting in Xactly’s history. I founded this company to completely revolutionize how enterprises approach and benefit from their sales compensation initiatives and we continue to re-write the rulebook for how our customers do exactly that. With the addition of Obero, Xactly delivers the industry’s most complete, enterprise-grade SPM suite, including sales and territory planning, quota management, incentive management, analytics, and big data intelligence – enabling you to reduce risk, ensure compliance and maximize results.

To learn more, visit us at or contact one of our experts.

Happy selling, Chris

  • Sales Performance Management
Chris Cabrera, CEO and Founder at Xactly
Christopher W. Cabrera
Founder, Distinguished Board Member

Christopher Cabrera is a seasoned executive with senior management experience at both early-stage and public companies where he has managed sales, operations, marketing, and business development.