'X' Marks the Spot: Here's Where you can Find Xactly During Denver Startup Week 2019

Sep 12, 2019
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It's time for 2019 Denver Startup Week. Here's where you can find Xactly throughout the week as we discuss diversity, sales performance, and company growth!

With Denver Startup Week (DSW) just around the corner, we want to give you a preview of what we’ll be doing during the festivities this year. Below is a quick overview of the different events we’ll be participating in and also a brief highlight of different diversity and inclusion initiatives we’ve been involved with in relation to the event. 

Check out Xactly during DSW, we’ll be at all of the following events:

We are also lucky enough to have a few employees representing Xactly on panels that will be taking place throughout the week: 

How the Tech Industry Can Serve the LGBTQ+ Community Panel: (2:00-3:30pm MST) Financial Analyst Caroline Cramer will be on a panel examining the role in which the tech industry has in serving as a catalyst for equality, specifically in the LGBTQ+ community. 

Building a Pipeline Machine Through Sales Development: (2:00-3:30pm MST) Drew Lawrence, Director of Lead Generation, will be on a panel of strong, successful sales leaders discussing how to hire, train, and build a bench of hungry Account Executives. 

Xactly’s 2019 Focus:

One theme reflected throughout Xactly’s involvement at this year’s DSW will be diversity and inclusion. Our leaders are working towards a more inclusive culture in the tech field which means hiring people from different races, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The topic of diversity is evolving in the workplace, and we want to be at the forefront of the conversation. 

This year, we will have Xactly CFO Elizabeth Salomon back to share her insights into not only her role as the CFO of Xactly but also what she thinks of the current importance of highlighting female achievement in the tech industry. Elizabeth has spent over 30 years in the finance and banking sector, serving as CFO for three companies, where she encountered her fair share of challenges. She has since taken an active role in uplifting, sponsoring, and developing women around her and working to create change within her industry. DSW’s goal is to bring attention to the importance that women bring to not only business but the tech industry itself. 

Join Elizabeth Salomon, Bijal Shah, Annie Dunn, and moderator Mary Jo Rose and the other panelists as they discuss the benefits of diversity in the workplace  and how those skills change the course of everyday business. Last year, DSW highlighted female contributions in their Ladies Night panel. This year, they want to expand upon that success and take it to the next level during ‘The Future is Female’ panel.

A thriving business celebrates diversity and creates an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and heard. This year’s discussion focus will reflect not only topics of female empowerment and real-life experiences from our panelists, but also why topics like diversity and inclusion are important to business and professional career growth.

Inspired by Xactly’s recent report, The State of Gender Equality in Sales, the goal of this panel is to increase awareness of persistent gender pay inequity and promote the need for greater diversity across all facets of the technology industry. Elizabeth, along with the other panelists, will discuss ways to help people succeed in business at both the individual and institutional levels.

If you are passionate about improving diversity and inclusion in startups, technology companies, and Denver, in general, check out these other events during the 2019 DSW schedule that highlight female empowerment and inclusivity: 

Monday, 9/16:

Tuesday, 9/17:

Wednesday, 9/18:

Thursday, 9/19:

How can you join the conversation?

Join the conversation by attending as many events as you can and tagging us in your Denver Startup Week social posts by using the tags #xactlylovesme, @xactlycorp or #DENstartupweek. 

You can also RSVP to the Future is Female panel. Attendees can expect to hear from accomplished women leaders in business, like Xactly’s CFO Elizabeth Salomon, for a frank and lively discussion on everything from pay inequity to practical strategies for success for women in all stages of their careers. If we know anything in the tech industry, it’s that the future is NOW.

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