Xactly Commission Expense Accounting Solution

Meet ASC 606 Commission Expense Accounting Requirements

Get detailed commission data at the customer, contract, product, rep, and manager level needed to account for commissions under the new Revenue Recognition Standard. Supported across the Xactly product line, Xactly CEA drives GAAP compliance with a system designed to automate the tracking, recording, and reporting of commission transaction details.

With the Xactly Commission Expense Accounting solution, automatically generate and calculate commission 
data for capitalization based on new FASB rules under ASC 606 Subtopic 340-40.

Integration with Existing Systems

Easily organize commission data with required details in your ERP or Revenue Management System.

Flexible Reporting

Ensure usage of the right data for all calculations and reports with integration with CRM, CLM, and CPQ systems.


Drive compliance with a system designed to collect, track, record, and report commission transactions at a granular level of detail.

Make Compliance Simple with Xactly Commission Expense Accounting

- Automatically track direct and incremental costs for each contract

- Determine what expenses should be capitalized and amortized

- Create a clear audit trail with historical visibility into all changes

- Get a consolidated view of financial data