More than just a Partnership

Xactly + Microsoft Dynamics 365 are Stronger Together

Embed Xactly directly into CRM user workflows to create a simple, configurable and holistic view of customer and opportunity data to help drive and deliver predictable, profitable and resilient revenue.

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Xactly Incent® Powers CRM Users to Succeed

Xactly Incent® empowers companies to successfully design, implement and manage intelligent incentive compensation programs through its robust functionality and integration to Dynamics 365 Sales. Xactly Incent® maximizes the ROI of incentive comp with:

  • More efficient processes - Reduce time spent on plan administration by automating and simplifying compensation programs. Run complex commission calculations in a fraction of time compared to existing manual processes.
  • Greater accuracy - Ensure timely commission payouts and increase commission forecast accuracy up to 99.6%.
  • Reduce risk of attrition - Create competitive compensation plans that drive better performance, retain top talent, and help reps achieve higher quota attainment.

Xactly Forecasting® Helps Deliver Data-Driven Revenue Predictability

Pairing Xactly Forecasting with your Dynamics CRM instance saves time and effort in optimizing your pipeline management processes while increasing the accuracy of your forecasts. Visibility into the future of selling arms reps with tools that enable faster insights into opportunity management and coaching to show them the impact of their activity data in Dynamics. Built on rich CRM data within Dynamics, Xactly customers unlock:

  • Complete health scoring for every deal in their pipeline
  • Detailed pipeline analytics powered by AI
  • Predictive, multi-faceted sales forecasting
  • Meaningful coaching insights to drive winning behaviors
  • Guided selling alerts aligned with your unique sales process
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Microsoft Partner Page

Xactly Incent® and Power BI are Better Together

Combine the power of Xactly Incent® with the rich data reporting and visualization of Power BI. Eliminate the need for exporting with critical compensation data flowing directly from Incent into Power BI reporting dashboards for a more holistic view of sales performance.

Discover the Power of Xactly’s Intelligent Revenue Platform