Tableau Dashboard

Build Powerful Tableau Dashboards

Utilize the reporting power and data visualization tools within Tableau to create rich dashboards for your sales, comp admin, and finance teams


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Your Xactly Compensation Reporting on Tableau

Easily integrate your Xactly results data with Tableau in the way that makes the most sense for your business.

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The Power of Tableau Meets Xactly SPM

With the addition of compensation data to your Tableau reporting, you get an even fuller picture of your business.

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Rich Data Visualizations

Utilize the robust reporting and visualization of Tableau to craft reports and dashboards for Sales Representatives, Compensation Admins, and Finance teams.

Key Benefits for Sales, Finance, and Human Resources

Xactly on the Salesforce Virtual World Tour

Salesforce World Tour is on hold. We feel your pain—so we’re bringing our booth straight to you (virtually, of course). 

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