Intelligent Revenue 101

In order to generate revenue, you need two parties: the customer and the seller, each of whom need support.


The Customer

Modern CRM approaches, like Salesforce Customer 360, place the customer at the center of the enterprise and focus on supporting their engagement.


The Seller

The Xactly Intelligent Revenue Platform puts the seller at the center of Revenue Operations to optimize their opportunity, increase their intelligence and support their performance.

Pipeline to Paycheck

While CRM provides the foundation for assigning territories and managing opportunities, it’s not enough to help a seller go from pipeline to paycheck. Sellers thrive when they have aligned incentives, equitable quotas, and balanced territories. They deliver better outcomes for the business when pipeline insights and benchmarks help them prioritize the right deals. And AI forecasting takes the stress out of the process for sellers and revenue leaders alike.

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The Characteristics of Intelligent Revenue

There is good revenue and bad revenue. Both drive growth, but strategic growth is built on go-to-market strategies that identify and capture good revenue. Good revenue is:


Reliable revenue without the guesswork

Good deals come in at the right time - the trick is to use data, not just gut-feel. Linearity drives steady growth and is built on benchmarks and intelligent forecasting.

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Good revenue for today. Better revenue for tomorrow

Some deals are just better than others, but they may be harder to negotiate. Longer terms and automatic price increases are possible when sellers have the right incentives.

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Disaster-proof revenue that weathers any storm

Pandemics, trade wars, natural disasters and political uncertainty don’t impact revenue when planning is agile and sellers can pivot on a dime (and then put it in their pocket).

Webinar: 3 Ways to Overcome ASC 606 Commission Accounting Challenges

The only way we were able to have done this seamlessly was because we had the architecture and seamless technology across all these systems. We can define an incentive strategy that motivates our folks and ensures the company success metrics are met, but if you can’t execute against that, you’re not relevant anymore…. CPQ + Salesforce + Xactly Corp has been our underpinning for success.

Nandini Ramaswamy
SPHR, CCP, GRP, SVP of Global Incentive Compensation Strategy & Ops

We went from our best endeavors to a sales forecasting accuracy rate of nearly 100%. In addition to the increased sales forecasting precision, we are listened to and treated exceptionally well, relationships matter, therefore we have never attempted to find another Forecasting solution. There is mutual respect and care between our teams.

Keith Robinson
Head of Inside Sales

I've been with Flowserve for 27 years. I know our customer base, our products, and our organization. What I don't know is if what we're doing is the most effective thing. That’s why I rely on experts, and through solution workshops and assessments, Xactly helps us travel that path. They can inform our choices as a true partner in a relationship.

David Lowe
Global Director of Sales Operations

At this scale and stage of our business, it would be nearly impossible to do strategic sales planning without the agility that Xactly provides. Managing compensation effectively at this scale without an automated solution would limit our ability to make strategic decisions, because our time would be spent calculating comp on spreadsheets, which is unnecessary. We’d still be stuck in the mentality of ‘what can we do?’ versus ‘what do we want to do, that will drive results.

Matt Sheppard
Global Sales Compensation Operations and Systems
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