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Intelligent Revenue 101

Intelligent Revenue is achieved by unifying go-to-market teams with the technology, processes and data to operate more efficiently and grow top-line revenue without sacrificing bottom-line margins. Intelligent Revenue drives strategic growth and is:

  • Predictable Good deals come in at the right time — the trick is to use data, not just gut-feel to identify those deals. Linearity drives steady growth and is built on benchmarks and intelligent forecasting.
  • Profitable Focused revenue unlocks new market growth and drives the right behavior. Some deals are just better than others because they demonstrate more potential for the business in the long run, but they may be harder to negotiate. Longer terms and automatic price increases are possible when sellers have the right incentives.
  • Resilient Consistent revenue endures disruption. Pandemics, trade wars, natural disasters and political uncertainty don’t have the same impact on revenue when planning is agile and sellers can pivot on a dime.

RevOps: from vision to execution.

We built the Xactly Intelligent Revenue Platform to help organizations achieve an agile go-to-market by breaking down silos to align people, processes, and technology across the revenue engine.

Time Better Way Forecast Revenue
A group of salespeople sit around a table, engrossed in meaningful conversations and collective decision-making.

Love your sellers—from pipeline to paycheck.

It is time to bring Revenue Operation teams together to support salespeople with precise plans, better incentives, and data-informed insights to give them more confidence in their pipeline. That’s why we built the Xactly Intelligent Revenue Platform. Watch now to get started.

Putting intelligent revenue into practice.

It’s all about breaking down the silos across your GTM teams (think finance, sales, marketing, customer success) to create an agile org that unifies planning, processes, systems, and data. Here’s how to put it all into practice:

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Orchestrate GTM planning to drive alignment from demand creation all the way to revenue recognition.

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Prioritize the right business and incentivize the correct behavior across every GTM team to make sure performance matches corporate objectives.

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Predict business outcomes accurately to continuously inform planning and adjust execution to meet market conditions.

How Agile GTM Teams Operate to Achieve Intelligent Revenue

Intelligent Revenue Platform GTM: Plan


Understand. Formulate. Decide.

Executive teams make informed decisions about everything from market entry to product sales mix, then formulate GTM plans that support those objectives.  These plans connect demand generation to sales and channel execution through to revenue recognition.


Implement. Incent. Support.

Execution teams across organizations operate in a coordinated way to create, close and collect on the pipeline required for the business to grow.  Execution is driven by a system of individual objectives and incentives, and is supported by frictionless revenue operations processes.

Intelligent Revenue Platform GTM: Perform
Intelligent Revenue Platform GTM: Predict


Analyze. Forecast. Assess.

Leadership teams continuously monitor execution, forecast business outcomes and assess progress against plans and objectives.  The correlations between execution and both projected and actual outcomes are used to make real-time adjustments to both planning and performance.


The only way we were able to have done this seamlessly was because we had the architecture and seamless technology across all these systems. We can define an incentive strategy that motivates our folks and ensures the company success metrics are met, but if you can’t execute against that, you’re not relevant anymore…. CPQ + Salesforce + Xactly Corp has been our underpinning for success.

We went from our best endeavors to a sales forecasting accuracy rate of nearly 100%. In addition to the increased sales forecasting precision, we are listened to and treated exceptionally well, relationships matter, therefore we have never attempted to find another Forecasting solution. There is mutual respect and care between our teams.

At this scale and stage of our business, it would be nearly impossible to do strategic sales planning without the agility that Xactly provides. Managing compensation effectively at this scale without an automated solution would limit our ability to make strategic decisions, because our time would be spent calculating comp on spreadsheets, which is unnecessary. We’d still be stuck in the mentality of ‘what can we do?’ versus ‘what do we want to do, that will drive results.

If you didn’t have a solution like Xactly, you would be spending all your time doing calculations and just making payroll. With Xactly, you are freed up and can start to give insights to the business on top performers. You have access to more analytics versus just cranking a commission calculator. We are now able to provide the high-level data analytics our finance team needs to make critical decisions.

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