BigKite Selects Xactly to Manage More Complex Pay Structure

Consulting Firm Revises Commission Plan Without Adding Overhead
Jan 08, 2013
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When Canadian consultancy BigKite increased its sales staff from one person to five, co-founders Rohan Verma and Harpreet Aujla knew it was time to revamp their young company’s sales incentive structure.

Xactly Corporation announced today that BigKite Consulting has chosen Xactly Express to manage its commission tracking, which was becoming challenging even though the sales staff is still small.

BigKite’s founders wanted to add incentives to their compensation mix. But the biggest challenge was that they wanted to measure salespeople’s progress quarterly but pay them monthly — complicated enough on its own, but even more so because projects can take months to complete and it’s often unclear how much commission to pay on each invoice.

The partners knew they needed an incentive commission solution that would better motivate their employees and align those employees with the goals of the business. Because they had previously connected one of their own clients with Xactly for sales performance management, they decided to look into it for themselves.

“We want to be fair to our sales reps, as well as make sure that they have the right incentives to be able to maximize their selling ability,” Verma said. “The primary objective was to make sure that we have very little administrative overhead with designing the commission plans, calculating the commissions, and paying out commissions. This would’ve been a pretty significant headache to set up.”

Said Scott Broomfield, General Manager for Express: “We are excited that Rohan and Harpreet selected Xactly Express for their incentive and sales commission solution. We love helping our customers create value by simplifying complex processes and understand the implications of intelligently motivating sales reps.”

Xactly is the leader in on-demand incentive compensation and sales performance management. Xactly Express is the industry’s comprehensive incentive and sales compensation solution designed specifically for emerging and fast growing businesses.

BigKite implements across Canada and in parts of the Northeastern United States. Verma and Aujla started the company in 2010 with just the two of them, and grew the staff to more than 20 in less than two years’ time.

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