RAM Tracking Improves Sales Results with Xactly

Sales Reps Get Real-Time Performance Data, Empowering them to Achieve More
Dec 01, 2015
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SAN JOSE, CA & LONDON, ENGLAND – December 1, 2015 – Xactly, (NYSE:XTLY), a leading provider of cloud based incentive solutions, today announced that RAM Tracking is achieving better sales performance with Xactly. RAM Tracking, a fast growing vehicle-tracking provider, has more than 30,000 GPS vehicle-tracking systems on the road, supporting 4,000 customers.

Xactly Express™ has enabled RAM Tracking to eliminate complex spreadsheets and created a single system of record for all of its sales compensation initiatives. As a result, RAM Tracking is able to use compensation as a strategic lever to drive better results. For example, the company now has the flexibility to make ‘on-the-fly’ updates to its compensation plans to coincide with their changing sales KPI strategies.

Xactly integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM, helping sales reps at RAM Tracking better visualize and manage their daily deals and performance, from pipeline right through to payment. “By giving staff real-time information on performance, the company has found that they are more motivated and engaged with their targets, achieving greater rewards for themselves and more revenue for the business,” noted Chris McClellan, CEO at RAM.

Xactly has also played a pivotal part in reducing administration time and increasing the average order value per product line. Since implementing Xactly, the company’s order values have increased month-over-month. RAM Tracking believes this is the direct result of a more engaged sales force.

“It has been a game changer for us as a business because it has brought everyone together and made things so much easier and more visible. We wanted transparency and Xactly has given us that. In turn, that drives performance,” added McClellan.

The company has seen such strong results with Xactly that they are currently considering how they can extend variable compensation to employees across other departments to increase engagement, motivation, and results.

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