KIO Networks Chooses Xactly to Manage Complex Global Incentive Plans

IT services company improves motivation throughout sales team with real-time visibility
Aug 31, 2016
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London, UK and San Jose, Calif. — August 31, 2016 –– Xactly (NYSE: XTLY), a leading provider of cloud-based incentive solutions, announced that leading IT services firm KIO Networks has automated its sales compensation initiatives in the cloud with Xactly. Headquartered in Mexico, KIO Networks now has a flexible solution to manage its varied compensation structure, across six geographies, while improving staff motivation through real-time visibility of compensation.

KIO Networks has eight compensation plans spanning its different team functions, with over 200 payees receiving compensation in varied currencies. With Xactly, the company has been able to automate these complex plans, reducing both administrative time and the chance of errors. The sales team now has visibility of their compensation in real-time, rather than waiting for spreadsheet reports.

“Xactly has had a very positive impact on the sales team’s motivation. Now they are able to see their compensation accurately and in real-time, across multiple devices,” said Santiago Suinaga Sainz, VP of Sales Operations at KIO Networks. “It really drives the team to sell more and aligns them with the company’s global objectives and strategy.”

Xactly’s accessible, native user interface has contributed to excellent user adoption throughout the company. The multi-language and multi-currency capabilities are an added bonus for the geographically diverse company, helping drive the whole team to success. “We are based in Mexico City and were one of the first Latin American implementations for Xactly. At the beginning we had concerns about the local support, but Xactly assigned us a bilingual project manager, and the implementation was smooth and professional,” added Suinaga Sainz.

KIO Networks has also benefitted from the way that Xactly and other applications, including Steelbrick and SpringCM, integrate into the Salesforce CRM system. This enables the sales team to manage from lead-to-cash in the most streamlined process possible, to maximize their productivity.

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