NEC Selects Xactly to Accelerate Sales Forecasting

Xactly Forecasting® improved NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. Sales Division forecasting accuracy and reporting to boost employee productivity
Jun 18, 2024
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SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 18, 2024 / Xactly, a global leader in intelligent revenue solutions, today announced that NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. Sales Division, one of Japan's largest information and communication technology (ICT) organizations, has selected Xactly Forecasting® to reform its sales forecasting processes.

Part of the NEC Group, NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. provides vital ICT support and delivers system integration services nationwide. While the company's technology aids its customers in their digital transformation (DX) efforts, the corporate sales division of NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. realized it too needed the support of another organization to help achieve its own business goals. This included overhauling its existing sales forecasting processes to combat inaccurate forecasts and pipeline, manual data entry, and qualitative reporting.

By introducing Xactly Forecasting, NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. Sales Division quickly realized that not only can the technology provide accurate forecasting of sales results, but it can also measure the effectiveness of sales activity and identify bottlenecks in sales opportunities. Not only did Xactly improve NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.'s corporate sales forecasting accuracy, it helped standardize forecast reporting and centralized data on deal information and sales activity, creating a single source of truth for the organization. In fact, NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. Sales Division saw an improved input rate of sales opportunity data by 30%.

"As an organization, we believe it is extremely important to strengthen our forecasting capabilities in order to build a management structure that accelerates business. With Xactly Forecasting, we can simultaneously promote management sophistication and sales productivity improvement," said Hiroshi Kawamura, General Manager of NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. "By standardizing forecast results, even the newest salesperson can make an immediate impact on the organization. In an era of increasing complexity, we expect Xactly Forecasting to lead our business in the right direction."

"We're honored to partner with NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.," said Arnab Mishra, CEO of Xactly. "At Xactly, we are committed to providing best-in-class technology solutions to our customers in the Japan market, and will continue to support NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. as they pursue their business goals."

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