Xactly Announces Next Generation of Xactly Insights™- Delivers Critical Knowledge to Sales Leaders

Prescriptive Analytics and Sales Performance Insights Empower Leaders to Drive Greater Sales Success
May 16, 2017
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CompCloud, San Francisco, CA—May 16, 2017––Xactly (NYSE: XTLY), a leading provider of cloud-based incentive solutions, today announced the next generation of Xactly Insights – Xactly Insights for Sales – empowering sales leaders to accelerate their team performance with incentive intelligence. Now for the first time, these executives will have a cohesive view of performance across the entire organization with prescribed courses of action to adjust behaviors. These insights are based on machine learning derived from over 12 years of incentive compensation pay and performance data.

“The benchmarking data and analytics that we’re providing in Xactly Insights for Sales gives managers visibility into key sales intelligence that they’ve never had before in a single, centralized location,” said Christopher W. Cabrera, founder and CEO of Xactly Corporation. “With prescriptive analytics driven by applied machine learning, Xactly has once again raised the bar for sales performance management – innovating new ways to positively impact revenue generation.”

Leveraging Xactly Insights for Sales, leaders can now: quickly compare sales performance and compensation by teams, regions, managers or custom groups and leverage actionable insights to proactively adjust rep behaviors.

“Xactly Insights represents the future of sales compensation,” said Ely Lai, Senior Director of Sales Compensation at DocuSign. “Xactly Insights gives us immediate access to the information we need, when we need it, so we can be sure sales performance aligns with our corporate goals.”

Xactly Insights for Sales includes the following features and capabilities for sales leaders:

  • Sales leader dashboard – with an intuitive look and feel and a guided experience driven by natural language, to quickly access, compare, and drill-down into critical sales performance indicators, including:
    • Quota performance and ranking across their entire sales organization
    • Scorecards at the individual rep level including year over year comparisons and performance scoring as well as predicted risk of turnover
  • Next best action recommendations – with prescriptive analytics indicating performance issues and opportunities, to get a next best course of action based on machine learning for given scenarios for example:
    • Alerting team and individual performance discrepancies, indicating turnover risk
    • Notifications prescribing the need for additional coaching for sales reps
  • Deeper learning –new algorithms providing internal rep retention and tenure to see industry benchmark information side-by-side to answer key questions, such as:
    • Do you have a low, moderate or high rate of employee retention in your sales organization and who is at risk?
    • How does your variable compensation compare to others?
  • Benchmarking –that combines multiple internal and industry benchmark elements to:
    • Easily see the correlation of pay and performance data based on understanding the profile of their sales team
    • Empower them to make decisions proactively based on understanding the profile of their sales team


Xactly Insights for Sales will be made available the second half of 2017. For more information, contact Xactly.

In addition to Xactly Insights for Sales, Xactly today announced Xactly SimplyComp™, the first automated DIY incentive compensation software for sales teams with up to 25 reps. Xactly is showcasing both Xactly Insights for Sales and SimplyComp this week at CompCloud 2017, the industry’s only conference focused solely on incentive compensation.

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