Xactly Enhances Global Performance and Sales Compensation for Automic Software

Leading business automation provider can now manage multiple plans and currencies on one platform
Nov 11, 2014
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SAN JOSE, CA—LONDON, ENGLAND – November 11, 2014 – Xactly, a leading provider of cloud-based incentive solutions, today announced it is working with Automic to improve sales team performance and business efficiency. Automic Software is committed to making its customers become more efficient, innovative and competitive with its business automation solutions. Its use of Xactly’s incentive compensation platform has freed up sales teams to focus on growth and enabled management teams to be more accurate with forecasting.

Prior to Xactly, Automic was managing its global commissions through manual spreadsheets, a time-consuming process, which prevented sales from easily modeling or changing compensation plans. Employees were not always able to have complete visibility into their commission calculations due to the limitations of spreadsheets and the complexities of the compensation plans.

Automic selected Xactly IncentTM to fully automate its compensation process. Now any user can access the system on the go with Xactly mobile, so sales people can see precisely where they are against their plan and identify how much commission they have made in any given period. Moreover, Automic is now able to pay in multiple currencies and manage multiple plans simultaneously. Xactly also provided training sessions to ensure a quick rollout and fast adoption.

“We looked at several players in the market but selected Xactly because of its flexibility. Its team was willing to work with us, the sales team was excellent and the support is superb. It provided us with the training we needed to get up and running with Incent right away,” commented Robert Ron, Automic’s VP of Finance and Global Operations. “Now we have the ability to scale phenomenally over what we used to do. We pay in multiple currencies at different times; we have eight to ten different plans and none of this has been a problem for Xactly.”

Ron adds, “Our users love Xactly, they love the interface, they love the ability to get information on their mobile devices and the ability to produce results with a much higher level of accuracy.”

Xactly has enabled Automic’s executives to access financial data, see the numbers and ask the right questions of their teams at the right time, allowing them to be more strategic when it comes to forecasts and projected results. Meanwhile, finance has cut the time required to calculate commissions. Reporting is no longer a complex and painstaking process that regularly risks data corruption and resource wastage, but an asset in terms of boosting employee incentive, and hence performance. Automic is using Xactly Incent and Analytics.


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