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Xactly Forecasting Named 2023 Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough’s “Best Predictive Analytics Solution” for Third Consecutive Year
Jun 28, 2023
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SAN JOSE, Calif., June 28, 2023Xactly, the leader in intelligent revenue solutions, today shared strong regard from industry leaders who have harnessed the power of Xactly’s innovative AI-driven forecasting to improve their organization’s revenue quality. Xactly Forecasting, a component of Xactly’s end-to-end Intelligent Revenue Platform, was also acknowledged as the consecutive three-year winner of the Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough "Best Predictive Analytics Solution” award.

Customers using Xactly Forecasting gain real-time visibility that allows them to control and accurately manage sales forecasting, including predicting the cost of commissions. Xactly Forecasting has seen rapid adoption from customers who love its ability to consistently deliver value and tangible business results.

“Xactly Forecasting has paid for itself in the benefits we are deriving and we can go on to bigger and better things,” said Sal Laher, Chief Digital and Information Officer, IFS. “There is no paper floating around anymore. Everything is online, dynamic, and in real-time. This has been our strategy, and Xactly's products complement this strategy with their availability in the cloud."

Today, 94% of Chief Sales Officers are not confident they’ll make their numbers in any given quarter because they do not have a formalized approach to forecasting. Furthermore, 8 in 10 sales departments do not have a forecasting accuracy of greater than 75%. Xactly’s precise, AI-driven approach to sales forecasting provides accurate data for finance and revenue teams to better predict outcomes and help sales leaders coach reps to improve performance.

In addition, Xactly has partnered with Provarity, a revenue collaboration and intelligence platform that increases forecasting fidelity. With Provarity’s Presales Signals for Revenue Operations, Xactly users are now able to access robust data sets surrounding presales qualification, determine risk, deal health, and product gaps for comprehensible, actionable sales forecasting to increase win rates. "We are excited to bring Provarity Presales Signals to Xactly Forecasting. Presales data and insights are the missing links to a new era of unified revenue intelligence for revenue teams," said Russ Lujan, co-founder and CEO, Provarity.

Additional customer remarks:

“By simplifying work processes we replace excuses with data and close gaps so reps have greater accuracy in hitting their numbers,” said Indu Thomas, Head of Enterprise Data Strategy and Analytics, Apptio.

“With Xactly Forecasting, I can attend a call without having my heart in my throat. I know the sales forecasting data will be available and accurate at critical moments,” said Grant Blenkinsopp, Director of Business Operations, IFS.

To learn more about the power of real-time pipeline analytics and how to drive consistent sales execution, check out the self-guided product tour of Xactly Forecasting.

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