Xactly Releases New Mobile Access for Sales

May 13, 2014
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The integration of Xactly and Salesforce CRM on any mobile device powers sales with vital data;

Xactly, a provider of cloud=based incentive solutions, has released Xactly Incent on Salesforce1. Xactly Incent is available on the Salesforce1 AppExchange, on any platform, native iOS and Android, and works with the iPhone, iPad, any Android and HTML 5-equivalent device.

With Xactly on Salesforce1, users now have the full power of Xactly Incent Pro, salesforce CRM, and Work.com data at their fingertips. Single sign-on provides joint customers full transparency into their customer data, allowing them to view quota and commissions information and forecast the value of deals directly within their Salesforce1 application.

The application allows users to do the following:

  • View commissions statements;
  • Track quota attainments; and
  • Compare their performance via team rankings

The application automatically adjusts to the user's specific device. For example, on a tablet the incentive statement will show a breakdown of payouts by month, whereas on a smart phone it will show a summary of current, previous, and year-to-date payout information.

The application also offers full integration with Salesforce Chatter, allowing users to easily communicate with teams and saving time by offering the ability to embed incentive statements directly into Chatter to streamline business processes and performance tracking. The application is built natively using salesforce user interface technology to deliver an excellent user experience.

"Salespeople are constantly on the move, and in order to be effective, they need to be able to easily access pertinent customer information wherever they are," said Christopher Cabrera, founder, president, and CEO of Xactly, in a statement. "With Xactly and salesforce.com, sales representatives are now able to stay connected with customers and aligned with their individual and corporate goals, regardless of where the job takes them."