Cbeyond Increases Compensation Payment Accuracy to 99.8%


We’ve decreased disputes to less than 0.5%, and all the accruals are done on time, at the same time, every month.

David James
Senior Director, Sales Ops & Incentives

The Challenge

Cbeyond selected Xactly because it believed that the implementation of Xactly’s solutions would be fast and predictable. Further, Cbeyond believed that Xactly would decrease the complexity of their incentive compensation plans and better integrate the processes between its sales operations and finance departments.

The Solution

Using Xactly IncentTM, Cbeyond has implemented an incentive compensation plan that addresses its variable sales compensation strategy. Xactly recommended processes to make it easier for Cbeyond's mobile sales representatives to understand Cbeyond's incentive compensation plans, giving the sales representatives greater visibility into their performance. As a result, Cbeyond was able to implement processes designed to increase compensation payment accuracy to 99.8%, increase forecast accuracy to 99.6%, decrease disputes to less than 0.5%, maintain 100% control compliance, improve sales representative retention by 50% and in less than 60 days can now design, model, test, approve, and release new plans.