DocuSign Motivates Sales Performance to Drive Organizational Goals

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Xactly provides sales leaders and teams real-time data on how they are performing – and that is a great motivator.

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Neil Hudspith
President, Worldwide Field Operations

Xactly has taken the area of sales compensation to a different level – we’re not just talking about the pay, we’re talking about how we go to market, we’re talking about sales strategy and how we support our sales organization.

Ely Lai, Sr. Director, Global Sales Compensation

DocuSign's Challenge

DocuSign is changing how business gets done by empowering more than 250,000 companies and 100 million users in 188 countries with a trusted way to quickly make every approval and decision digital. A fast growing company, they wanted to apply that same level of agility to their sales processes. For DocuSign, automating compensation was merely table stakes. To better compete in the market, the company needed to optimize its sales compensation program and take it to the next level. And that journey started with data.  

Xactly's Solution

By integrating its core compensation information across systems – including SPM, CRM, ERP and billing – in Xactly Incent™, DocuSign was able to gain a single source of the truth that could then be used to explore deeper insight. Applying Xactly Analytics, Insights and Modeling, the company has been able to gain a new level of intelligence into what drives performance and motivate reps, all while mitigating risk.  

The Data-Driven Result

Today, DocuSign is using Xactly to apply data-driven intelligence to all aspects of its incentive compensation plans and quota setting – enabling fair, transparent, and understandable incentive compensation plans. This, in conjunction with real-time data into how they are performing, has been key in motivating and engaging top sellers and support teams. Moreover, applying big data insights and mapping their initiatives to industry best practices with Xactly Insights™ has allowed DocuSign to reimagine their compensation strategy and inspire better performance. With this level of intelligence, DocuSign’s sales compensation team is not only able to better serve their sales organization, but also have a seat at the table in informing the company’s sales and goto-market strategy.