PROS Gains Massive Competitive Edge

Real data is critical in plotting your course. And there is no other product on the market like Xactly Insights that can offer that.

Joanne Thiel
Senior Director, Global Sales Operations

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The Challenge

Companies across 30 industries trust PROS to provide the intelligence they need to win more deals; get to market faster; and create a superior customer experience. To support their exceptional growth, PROS needed to bring that same level of insight to their sales team. However, a spreadsheet-based approach to sales compensation was limiting its ability to move quickly and gain the data intelligence it needed to fuel performance. Managers and reps lacked transparency and administrators were mired in moving data between systems and calculating compensation manually. The complexity of this process was also stifling PROS from creating compensation plans that accurately reflected their business needs.

The Solution

Implementing Xactly, PROS optimized their entire compensation process. With a single source of the truth for all compensation data, including bookings and CRM, the company was able to cut the time and resources it previously took to manage compensation by 50 percent. Payments have also been accelerated, engaging reps closer to the actual sale, and finance has easy access to the data they need to close their books faster. But one of the biggest game-changers for PROS has been the ability to benchmark their plans against industry peers using Xactly Insights. Added Thiel, “Xactly Insights is like a backboneIt gives us a competitive advantage in making directional decisions about our plan designs, measures, quota setting and even best practices for base and variable pay.”

The Result

With Xactly Insights, PROS can ensure higher performers are being compensated fairly and see where additional opportunities for coaching and support may be needed – all key factors in building and maintaining a world-class sales force. Not limited by the kinds of plans it can manage, PROS has been also been able to implement more complex team selling compensation to reward the pre-sales functions, as well as introduce sales draws, overlays and SPIFs. But most importantly, from reps through to HR and finance, everyone has trust in the numbers and PROS has the foundation and intelligence needed to support the company into its next chapter as a cloud-based company.