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How to accelerate revenue intelligence.

Your goal is to crush your revenue targets, but it's hard to do when deals are slipping last minute and forecasting is consistently inaccurate. Discover how Xactly Forecasting improves visibility and helps you hit your number every time.

Take control of your forecasts.

55 percent of sales leaders don’t have confidence in their ability to forecast. Discover how Data-driven solutions empower organizations to up-level their sales processes by increasing confidence in data consistency, accuracy, and reliability.

Top Use Cases for Xactly Forecasting®
Call Your Numbers with Confidence and Xactly

Call your numbers with confidence.

Learn how you can leverage data to eliminate assumptions, focus on the right opportunities, and drive greater revenue predictability and consistency across your entire organization with Xactly Forecasting. 

Intelligent Revenue: Everything you need to know.

Check out this blog to discover what intelligent revenue is, and how it helps you improve forecasting accuracy, increase profitability, and gain agility and resilience.

Forecasting Hub: Everything You Need to Know about Intelligent Revenue
Forecasting Hub: Xactly Forecasting

Say Bye-Bye to traditional forecasting.

Leverage AI/ML to optimize sales pipeline, improve sales & commission earnings, forecast accuracy, and hit sales targets every time.

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Call and crush your number.