How Manufacturers Are Using Forecasting to Fuel Recovery and Resiliency

For many manufacturers, yesterday’s playbook no longer suffices. Learn how the manufacturing industry responded to market instability by using technology and data to become more resilient than ever before.


The Guide to Successful Forecasting Fundamentals

No matter the size of your business, a sales forecast is an absolute necessity. Learn how you can squeeze more value out of your upcoming sales plans by combining the latest technology with a modern approach to forecasting in our latest guide.


10 Data Sources that Every Forecast Needs

Predicting and forecasting revenue accurately is essential for today’s businesses. In this guide, you’ll discover 10 vital data sources you need to increase your sales forecasting accuracy.


Why a RevOps Mindset Depends on Accurate Sales Forecasting

RevOps is the new watchword for business, but you can't have a functioning RevOps system without a realistic sales forecast based on data. How can you leverage your company's desire for RevOps to drive actions from inside and outside the sales organization that lead to better forecast accuracy?

Xactly Empowers Flowserve to Enhance its Global Sales Performance Management Strategy

Flowserve is a global manufacturer and service provider of fluid control devices operating in over 50 countries with 17,500+ employees worldwide. The organization is responsible for supplying necessary materials for projects all over the world.

Xactly was able to assist in guiding Flowserve’s operational teams to uncover previously unseen insights that could only be achieved through partnership with a world-class SPM organization.

Manufacturing Tool Kit: Flowserve Case Study
Manufacturing Tool Kit: How to Increase Sales Forecasting Accuracy with Automation

Sales Forecasting in 2022: What You Need to Know

With the right knowledge and resources, you can implement a sales forecasting strategy that builds confidence in your sales team and drives revenue for your organization.

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