Xactly Sales Commission Expense Accounting Software

Manage your commission accounting process and ensure compliance under the new ASC 606 (IFRS 15) revenue recognition standard.

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Full Capitalization and Amortization Support

Create detailed, accurate commission amortization schedules and monitor roll-forward summaries. Automatically adjust and true-up capitalization and amortization balances as a result of contract, account, payee or plan changes. Choose from full or modified retrospective approaches.  

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“If your company continues to calculate commissions in spreadsheets, ASC 606/IFRS 15 is going to be a problem!”

– Sirius Decisions

commission expense accounting dashboard

commission expense accounting dashboard

A Secure and Accurate System of Record

Prepare for auditors with supporting schedules and collect sales commission data at the right level of detail. Get visibility into how commissions translate into capitalizable assets. Ensure you are considering the correct amortization period at the detailed performance obligation level.

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“The new rules will affect companies that use even moderately complex contracts in their dealings with customers.”

– Ventana Research

An Extensive Report Library

Benefit from a true commission accounting sub-ledger with built-in summary and detailed reports, including: accounting overview dashboards, amortization schedules, multi-book comparative, roll-forward and journal entry reports.  

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"Because it integrates seamlessly with our existing environment, Xactly CEA provides a secure system of record that streamlines our ability to ensure regulatory compliance and gives us confidence in the accuracy of the data that is used for all calculations and reports."

– Sitecore

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Learn how Xactly CEA drives compliance with ASC 606/IFRS 15