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Commission Expense Forecasting

Accurately accruing expenses means knowing what costs are hitting the books, and when. Crucial to the finance team, this provides clarity around profitability impacting costs, and transparency into overall company health.

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Accurate Accruals

Forecast commission and deferred expenses and ensure your accruals will be accurate and in line with the final reported financial numbers.

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Single Point of Access

Manage sales pipeline and potential commission pay expenses--all in Salesforce.

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Get easy access into all of your commission results with Salesforce reports and executive dashboards.

Make Your Forecasting Timely, Accurate, and Flexible

  • Calculate and report on potential commission pay based on any combination of possible revenue outcomes.
  • Build custom commission sheets and reports by employee, customer, product, or contract level.
  • Update forecasts as deferred expenses, deals, and pipeline throughout the period.

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Reporting Simplified

  • Choose revenue forecast scenarios in Salesforce, run a full commission calculation across actual and forecasted revenue, and see instant results.
  • Simple, easy-to-access reports can be shared or easily included in executive briefings.
  • Generate and refine accurate accruals, for better strategic, proactive business decisions.

Best Visibility into Sales Ops

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"Xactly has helped us to a great extent with respect to all our sales performance management needs like comp plans, quota management, territory management, sales forecasting, sales training. We have gained visibility in our sales operations using Xactly"

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