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From the outset see a clear, high-level snapshot of team performance.

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Leverage AI/ML-based indicators to help determine areas of concern.

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Keep Reps Engaged

Xactly's Rep Attrition algorithm helps managers proactively stem attrition before it happens.

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Industry Standard Sales Performance Data

Xactly Insights is the only SPM solution to offer real-time dynamic performance indicators based on real pay and performance data from a number of industries. Sales, sales operations, and finance teams can all leverage this data to make accurate and timely business decisions.

Leverage AI/ML and Out-of-the-Box Reporting

Leverage AI/ML to predict sales rep attrition and proactively take measures to address before it happens. Compare plan design and performance against industry peers with advanced filter settings that allow customers to slice and dice sales and business data to configure advanced metrics and reports that support a wide array of sales performance business needs.

Insights Dashboard