Incent® Features and Benefits

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Compensation Plan Configuration

Create and manage any type of compensation plan, and gain ultimate flexibility by building and reusing robust elements like rules, quotas and rate tables.

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Document and Workflow Management

Configure and manage the initiation and tracking of various incentive compensation processes in your organization like credit/payment inquiry workflows.

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Reporting and Dashboards

Utilize out-of-the-box and custom reports, as well as personalized dashboards, to track sales and compensation plan performance using key data such as commission, bonus and payment information.

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Powerful Integrations

Integrate with CRM, ERP, HCM and other critical business systems in your stack to automate and execute incentive compensation management processes.

Incent® Customer Stories

Our customers mean everything to us. We are proud of the work we've done and outcomes our customers have experienced. But don't take our word for it, see what our customers have to say in their own words.

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Purpose-built for Enterprise Compensation Management

With the ability to handle the most complex calculations, add tens of thousands of payees and process billions of transactions every month, Xactly's compensation management software offers the scale and security that every organization needs.

17 Years of Benchmarking Dataset

Create competitive plans, boost quota attainment, and retain your top sellers by leveraging 17 years of Xactly proprietary pay and performance data* spanning 17+ different industries.

*Data is anonymized and aggregated

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User-focused, Continuous Product Innovations

At Xactly, our product and engineering teams are committed to innovating the incentive compensation management process with ongoing product release cycles, frequently hosted user groups and other feedback channels to drive continuous improvement. Our customers can also tap into a vast support network for product training, and to engage the Xactly expert and peer community.

Forecast Potential Commission Earnings

Automate manual processes by combining incentive and pipeline data for complete visibility into potential commission earnings. By marrying Incent capabilities with Xactly Forecasting, you can quickly visualize potential commission exposure based on how your pipeline moves, and if forecasted deals close. This creates more informed financial plans and inspires reps by showcasing the impact deals will have on their earnings potential.

Commission Earnings Forecasting with Xactly Incent
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Powerful Integrations into Existing Tech Stack

Using Xactly Connect and Incent, you can leverage ODBC/JDBC drivers and REST APIs to integrate with virtually any enterprise system such as CRM, ERP, HCM platforms and more. Connect also includes built-in connectors with Salesforce, NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics to name a few. The complete data integration platform supports everything from inbound data feeds to custom tables and data pipelines to perform complex data transformations.

Power Your Commissions Natively in Salesforce

Looking to build, manage, and automate your compensation programs natively within Salesforce? Xactly CRM Accelerator is a solution for customers who have all compensation-related data within Salesforce. It lets you effortlessly prepare, adjust and approve it all before payouts are made, and arm your go-to-market teams with the visibility they need to feel confident in their commissions.

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Ventana Research Value Index: Revenue Performance Management Customer Service

Xactly ranked #1 in Customer Experience, TCO/ROI, and Validation

Xactly has an impressive level of information to communicate their commitment and dedication to customer needs for RPM.