Reduce Time Spent on Plan Administration

Automate incentive compensation programs with Xactly Incent to eliminate payout errors, increase forecasting accuracy up to 99.6%, and lower the time needed to administer commissions plans by 60%.

Drive Performance with Immediate Visibility and Mobile Access

Increase rep motivation, productivity, and trust with on-demand visibility into commissions results and potential earnings for every deal.

Realize Higher Quota Attainment

Xactly delivers over 15 years of pay and performance data, enabling organizations to easily compare their plans against industry peers, evaluate program competitiveness, and raise quota attainment, while increasing sales retention.

Ensure System Security and Scalability

Xactly Incent can support the most complex implementations handling millions of orders and tens of thousands of subscribers.

Xactly Incent Dashboard

Automate and Simplify Incentive Compensation Processes

Improve efficiencies with an automated compensation processes running complex calculations at enterprise scale. Easily add new reps to plans and automate document workflow processes to speed plan reviews and approvals. Reduce time spent managing programs from weeks to days, and increase your ability to focus on strategic priorities.

Get Instant Visibility into Commission Expenses and Projected Revenue

Monitor compensation calculations with on-demand visibility, and keep your finger on the pulse of quota attainment with real-time access to sales compensation data. Increase business credibility and lower risk with improved forecasting.

Xactly Incent
Xactly Incent

Improve Employee Trust and Motivate Higher Performance

Keep your sales team focused on selling with error-free and timely payouts that eliminate shadow accounting and payout disputes. Give reps mobile access to earnings results with native Android and iOS support. Increase productivity with performance management tools by giving reps access to “what-if” scenarios to help drive additional sales.