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Xactly Forecasting is a sales forecasting and pipeline management solution that delivers more accurate forecasts, greater revenue predictability, and consistent sales process execution.

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Why Xactly Forecasting?

Clean, Healthy Pipeline Management

Closely monitor sales pipeline health and mitigate deal slip by identifying changes quickly

AI-Augmented Forecasts

Supplement gut instinct and remove potential bias by leaning on machine learning metrics tailored to your organization

Alerts to Support Sellers

Promote effective sales execution with actionable alerts to guide sellers on how to move deals forward

Consolidated Data

Use your wealth of CRM data to inform your sales forecast, and in turn, increase accuracy

Dynamic Coaching

Enables sales leaders to quickly identify coaching opportunities, provides data to drive strategic outcomes, and insights to help win more deals.

Who should use Xactly Forecasting?

"Big help with forecasting"
Xactly really helps me forecast as accurately as I can. I love how it takes my historical data and uses it to assist in projecting what future pipeline we will close. It's user friendly and the support team is amazing. They've been super responsive whenever I reach out!

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Matt Balaschi
Dir. Sales

By simplifying work processes we can reduce the time the rep spends on mundane tasks and coach them to have a higher degree of confidence in closing deals. We replace excuses with data and close gaps so reps have greater accuracy in hitting their numbers.

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Indu Thomas
Head of Enterprise Data Strategy and Analytics

Prior to implementing Xactly Forecasting, leadership managed sales forecasting within a shared spreadsheet. Xactly helps us with automated tracking and accurate analysis of our pipeline.

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Mark Manning
Sr. Vice President, Digital Commerce and Sales Operations