Visual Pipeline Management

Use data-driven insights and visual dashboards to better assess pipeline health, get deeper visibility into pipeline activities & trends, and prioritize high-potential opportunities.

Intelligent Sales Forecasting

Leverage machine learning to create accurate multi-level forecasts, improve revenue predictability, and streamline pipeline forecast management.

Commission Earnings Forecasting

Utilize AI-optimized sales forecast to increase commission earnings forecast accuracy.

Guided Coaching & Selling

Keep the pipeline clean with automated data capture and by automatically enforcing desired sales behaviors across all sales reps.

forecasting 1

Trust the Sales Forecast

Intelligent insights guide the sales process, and bring important details to the surface during pipeline reviews to continually improve sales forecasting. Greater pipeline visibility and AI-driven forecasting help increase the sales forecast accuracy, improve revenue predictability, and strengthen the partnership between Sales and Finance teams.

Predict Wins & Commissions

Machine learning and prescriptive sales insights inform management and the sales team of opportunities with a higher probability to win. Finance teams can better estimate future commission expenses based on AI-optimized sales forecasts and current commission plans.

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Focus on the Right Opportunities

Intelligent, actionable alerts keep your salesforce laser-focused on hitting sales targets. Managers and reps can better prioritize high-potential opportunities or flag at-risk deals early on to proactively address open items and move the opportunities towards a successful close.

Increase Rep Performance with AI

Predictive and prescriptive insights allow reps to consistently comply with a defined sales strategy and maintain CRM hygiene without any extra burden. Guided coaching motivates reps & constantly helps improve their performance to close the gap between commit & quota.

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