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A Catalyst for Accurate Forecasts

Take advantage of your wealth of CRM data to inform the health of your revenue pipeline and deliver accurate and predictable forecasts.

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Be One with Your Pipeline

Identify pipeline changes quickly, see where deals have moved, and mitigate deal slip.

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Supplement Gut Instinct with AI

Remove potential bias with objective, future-looking visibility into your revenue numbers.

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Drive Winning Behaviors

Promote effective sales execution by guiding sellers on best next actions, opportunity milestones and actionable alerts to move deals forward.

A flexible sales forecasting solution.

Align Xactly Forecasting software to your go-to-market teams, and use its AI guided intelligence and data-driven insights to drive sales performance and revenues.

A flexible sales forecasting solution.
Forcasting data

Quick access to consolidated data.

Consolidate data across different platforms, including CRM and ERP, into one interactive dashboard to measure individual rep and team performance.

Teams need data-driven forecasting.

Forecasting is a critical cross-functional process, but forecast accuracy is still a major challenge. Xactly Forecasting transforms teams with consistent and connected data, promoting strategic alignment to meet and beat your number.

You can’t use gut instinct to forecast. You won’t grow that way. Xactly Forecasting increases our pipeline and sales forecasting accuracy.

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Tony Atkins
Vice President

Without something like Xactly Forecasting, it’s just a guessing game...using the product, we’ve been able to increase our sales forecasting accuracy.

It’s more than just the metrics. It’s about streamlining and collating activities. By limiting the time people spend juggling information, we can provide the centralized data our C-suite needs in real-time.

In building a company for the long-term, I’ve learned that means you always have to be evolving. Right now, our team is focused on eliminating intuition bias and replacing it with data-driven insights across the revenue lifecycle.

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Nick Mehta

Frequently Asked Questions

How does sales forecasting software work?

Sales forecasting software aggregates data from the company's CRM system, as well as from other structured and unstructured customer data sources, including emails and call records, to provide an overall view of identified sale opportunities in the pipeline. Using predictive techniques, sales forecasting software allocates risks and estimates deal closure rates from historical records to create a realistic sales projection that takes into account the current sales pipeline and future sales opportunities.

How do I choose the best forecasting software?

There are many factors to consider. The most important factor is selecting software that matches your organization's sales forecasting strategy and that has a proven track record of accurate forecasting capabilities. Data-driven forecasting software uses granular information, and it should incorporate true predictive analytics capabilities. Other factors to consider include data visualization capabilities, sales modeling, scalability and the ability to automatically integrate data from corporate systems.

What is the purpose of pipeline analytics software?

The purpose of Pipeline analytics software is to measure, monitor and predict sales. Pipeline analytics give visibility into the sales process and help the sales manager track and manage the sales process. The software tracks each potential sale as it progresses from initial interest and prospecting through to lead qualification and conversion. Analytics measure this progress, providing visibility, insights and metrics into the selling process, helping sales managers guide and coach their teams.

Why is sales forecasting important?

A sales forecast determines the predicted sales for future sales cycles. This crucial information drives purchasing and manufacturing decisions and allows finance to predict corporate revenue and profit margins for the next forecast period. It should take into account factors such as sales cycles, market trends, competitive pressures and potential headwinds. Adaptive and accurate sales forecasts are essential components of corporate planning and key factors in determining product pricing strategies.

What’s the difference between sales forecasting and revenue forecasting?

Because revenue flow and sales don’t necessarily happen at the same time, most companies need to forecast sales and revenue separately. The sales forecast determines when the company expects to conclude a sale. It considers factors such as the sales pipeline, lead prospecting, lead nurturing and lead conversion rates up to and including the sale. Revenue forecasting is concerned with how sales are recognized as income (i.e., when the company gets paid), which may not occur at the same time as the sale. Revenue forecasting measures and predicts cash flow, whereas sales forecasting measures the number of sales

Why is Xactly Forecasting the right choice for your sales team?

Achieve accurate forecasts with Xactly sales forecasting software. Using data-driven pipeline analytics, Xactly Forecasting empowers revenue leaders to inspect and manage their pipeline more effectively and sellers to close deals more efficiently.