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Being Incented to Quit – Say What?!

Businessman Throwing his Money Around

For decades companies have strategized and racked their brains on how to keep  top talent from migrating to other organizations. With recruiting becoming increasingly competitive and expensive, many companies have made a point to let their current employees know just how valued they are. Through employee engagement surveys, appreciation events, bonuses and rewards, companies hope that overall employee happiness, loyalty, and morale will remain high.

However, even at the best companies, that’s not always realistic….

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“A” for Effort or “F” for Fail?


At Xactly, we know that incentive compensation can produce win-win outcomes for companies and their employees. In Game the Plan: Every Sales Rep’s Dream; Every CFO’s Nightmare, Xactly CEO Christopher W. Cabrera brings attention to this important idea and also challenges readers to change their mindset about what it means to  “game the plan.” When compensation and incentives are done right, gaming the plan actually motivates reps to meet goals that benefit both…

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‘Not all about the money,’ say businesses


Non-financial rewards proving increasingly popular

London, UK, 16th April, 2014 – YouGov research commissioned by on-demand sales compensation and performance management provider Xactly, has revealed that non-financial rewards are proving increasingly popular tools with businesses in Britain across a range of sectors.


The survey of over 600 senior business decision makers, found 58% of businesses offer non-financial rewards, varying from gift…

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Would you Rather Wrangle Cats or Manage Humans?


For any of you that have watched I, Robot one too many times and now fear a super computer sending her robot army to destroy humanity, Denis Pombriant’s latest blog post “Setting Goals and Rewards” may put your fears to rest.

Pombriant dispels ideas of an overly technologized dystopia, and highlights how technology and quick acceleration of business systems will, in fact, continue to improve the ways in which we manage our businesses and…

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