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Four Things you Need to Know About Real-Time Data


Analyzing real-time data has the potential to turn your decisions completely on their head, and fuel company growth like crazy. The sky is the limit, and includes any historical or current data you have—whether it pertains to quotas or territories, performance or pay.Let’s dig in to the four critical things you absolutely need to know about real time data:

1.) Long-term data facilitates long-term results

Xactly has gathered more than eight years’ worth of empirical data,…

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DocuSign Reduces Risk and Motivates Performance with Xactly


Company moves compensation from spreadsheets to the cloud, simplifying commission processes and creating confidence in payments, plans and forecasts

SAN JOSE, Calif. April 22, 2014 – Xactly, a leading provider of cloud based incentive solutions, today announced that DocuSign, Inc. (“DocuSign”) is transforming its sales compensation initiatives with Xactly Incent.  As the global standard for Digital Transaction Management, DocuSign has more than 95,000 customers and more than 40,000 new unique users joining…

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Solidifying the Science of Sales Operations


Sales Ops

Sales have often been considered something of a dark art, with the exact causes of success and failure being as mystifying as alchemy or divinations. In this medieval mindset, great sales achievements were fortunate breaks, and poor sales performance was chocked up to bum raps and better luck next times.

But as business evolved, it had to leave behind the guesswork, and become a true science. Sales Ops was and is critical…

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Being Incented to Quit – Say What?!

Businessman Throwing his Money Around

For decades companies have strategized and racked their brains on how to keep  top talent from migrating to other organizations. With recruiting becoming increasingly competitive and expensive, many companies have made a point to let their current employees know just how valued they are. Through employee engagement surveys, appreciation events, bonuses and rewards, companies hope that overall employee happiness, loyalty, and morale will remain high.

However, even at the best companies, that’s not always realistic….

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