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Water Conservation Incentives aren’t Drying up any Time Soon


By now, most people living in California are aware that we’re in a historic drought. Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought State of Emergency in January 2015 and imposed strict conservation measures statewide. To encourage home and business owners to re-think grass in their front-yards the MWD is providing incentives and rebates for people that choose to go the sustainable route. Last September we wrote about the drought when the ALS Ice…

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Buy More Now – The Power of Purchase Incentives

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So, this is going to sound like a trick question, but bear with me – how does buying work? Seriously, what is the typical mechanic? Well, since I’m writing this, I’ll tell you – I have something to sell, you would like that thing, you pay me an agreed upon amount of money, and then you take possession of that thing. Seems almost insultingly basic, right?

The reason I am belaboring the point of purchase is because that was the model for a lot of human history, and within the last few cycles of human ingenuity, we have been evolving that process.

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Quota Planning: The Spreadsheet Diet

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“I’m so glad I stopped getting healthy,” said no one ever. When you go on a diet or start a new healthy routine you feel encouraged by affects like improved mood and increased energy. When you put your spreadsheets on a diet, you’ll feel motivated by results like improved workflow and more reps hitting quota. With quota planning season coming up, it’s time to cut back on those manual processes, email chains, and file versions…

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Xactly, CEB, and Domo Discuss the Future of Incentives at CompCloud


Xactly just celebrated our ten year anniversary, and over those years we’ve gained quite a few insights about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to incentives. When Vice President of General Business at Xactly, Sean D. Murray  took the stage he shared a story about a sales manager he knew who worked at a well-known prestigious company. Let’s call him Tim; Tim tried to quit his job, and his boss was so…

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