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Managers: Age of Sales Performance Management

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So, the Avengers is a movie that just came out. More specifically, Avengers: Age of Ultron, or Avengers 2, or “We have a Hulk” again – whatever you want to call it, the band is back together, and it’s time to buckle up for another adventure. That being said, this adventure will be spoiler-free – I’m not trying to end up on the Captain America naughty list, so this post is only going to focus on the dynamic of the team, and the lessons we can learn from their rising to the occasion -we may just learn how leveraging sales performance management can help us defeat Ultron (though probably not, he’s like, a super strong James Spader robot or whatever).

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Breaking a Sweat Bulks up Packer’s Paychecks


People hit the gym to get healthy or look good at the beach. Maybe they reward themselves with a cheat day, some new lululemon pants, or they might even be using an incentive app that pays them for logging workouts or penalizes them for missed gym time. However, the payout waiting for them is dwarfed by the incentives that Green Bay Packer’s players receive in their paychecks for hitting the weight room consistently.

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School’s in Session: Incentives That Make the Grade


When I think about incentives, my mind instantly goes to sales people, as I would guess it does for most people. However, as we’ve mentioned before, incentives have a wide variety of uses from bringing clean water to a billion people, to ensuring healthcare professionals have good hygiene, to incentivizing wedding planners. The latest out-of-the box incentive use case I ran into was at a Texas University where professors are incentivizing students…

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Cloudy with a Chance of Missed Revenue: How to Ensure Forecast Accuracy


There’s an old joke that the only profession where you can be wrong all the time and still keep your job is a weatherman. The weatherman doesn’t always have to be right about his forecast because a few scattered showers when sun was predicted might throw a wrench is your beach day plan, but likely won’t cause any serious financial damage. However, if you’re a Sales or Finance leader, you can’t be wrong about…

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