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Zappos: How do you Incent Without a Corporate Hierarchy?


Imagine a work environment with no boss, no one telling you what you need to do, what schedule to keep, or what goals to set. Everything is on you. To some it might sound liberating, but for many of us it might sound scary.  Zappos, one of the largest online shoe retailers, is implementing a management style called Holacracy. This is defined as individual autonomy and self-governance. Zappos has thus far created a successful…

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Trends in Incentive Compensation Manufacturing


The search for the latest and greatest product is intensifying as rapidly as ever. Product lifecycles shortening substantially and even the most basic products are becoming more sophisticated and complex. The manufacturing industry has traditionally focused on selling products, but in today’s market, companies must concern themselves with moving their sales organizations toward selling solutions and selling value to achieve success.

In this infographic, Xactly Insights™ reveals incentive compensation patterns seen in traditional manufacturing companies….

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Performance Management Solution: The Key to Management

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There are two things that can really strain the relationship between a manager and an employee; firstly the fear most employees face that they may not be receiving feedback critical to their day to day operations, and secondly, the fear that they do not know how to solicit this feedback in a safe and routine cadence. So, how can a company bridge this feedback divide between its managers and its employees?

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Ant Man: From Big Data to Focused Insights

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Ant Man, Marvel’s latest attempt to bring its audiences out of their comfort zone to embrace the weirdness of it’s extended universe, is all about one thing: a change in perspective. Every moment of the film can be viewed through this lens, and with such an overwhelming focus on one constant element, it naturally got me thinking about the power of that element.

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