How have revenue goals changed over the last year


The State of Global Enterprise Sales Performance 2021

2020 was a year of massive change. In 2021, the sales landscape has been altered forever. Is your organization built to adapt? Our in-depth report reveals how sales organizations are redefining themselves for a new revenue reality.

How Finance Approaches Go-to-Market Strategies

Recognizing revenue involves both the finance and sales department, which means understanding and nurturing the interdepartmental partnership between the two is critical. In this session, learn how to explore the financial perspective of companies going to market, how finance sees working with sales, why data-driven decisions are the “north star” of your enterprise, how to deal with numerical ambiguity, and what tools you can use to align sales initiatives with financial forecasts.


What is RevOps and Why Should You Care?

Onboarding an end-to-end revenue solution allows you to benefit from the bridging of long-existing gaps between front and back-office operations. This means breaking down silos that have historically existed between the operational functions of sales, marketing, and customer success. Join us in this session to talk more about the importance of RevOps and why this could be a game changer for your enterprise.


Maximize Efficiencies

Discover how to manage data more effectively with a Sales Performance Management (SPM) platform. Finance leaders need access to the right data to effectively drive growth and revenue. Learn how you can use data more efficiently in Using Data to Drive Growth: The Finance Leader's Guide.


Call Your Sales Numbers with Confidence

When it comes to hitting your sales numbers, you only have two options: do or don’t. And for executive leadership and board members, ‘don’t’ is not the right answer. Accurate sales forecasting is critical for companies to drive revenue predictability and call their numbers with confidence. Learn what a sales forecast is, how it works, and how to choose the right tools to aid your sales organization with 6 Strategies to Building an Accurate Sales & Revenue Forecast.


Continuous Planning Has Never Been So Essential

Adapting At The Speed Of Market Change Requires a Major Overhaul for Most Growth Strategy Leaders. Grab Forrester Consulting: Unleash Your Growth Potential With Continuous Planning to learn more. As the pressures mount for growth strategy leaders, and the pace in which new technologies mature propels forward, businesses that cling to dated internal planning processes and tools will be unable to compete.


Sales Performance Management: Transform Your Business

Download What is Sales Performance Management & How Can it Transform My Business? to learn best practices from Sales Performance Management users and how you can begin your digital transformation today. Discover best practices and success stories from companies using Sales Performance Management to streamline their digital transformation and drive top performance in every situation.


Salesforce and Forrester Research: How Continuous Planning Unleashes Your Sales Potential

If you’re a revenue leader, you know the pressure is on to deliver better and more predictable results. Join this session where leaders from Xactly, Forrester and Salesforce have an in-depth discussion about revenue intelligence, the future of selling, the modern influence of changing buyer and customer behavior, how to secure access to trustworthy data, the impact of new technologies, and the current drive for a scalable, repeatable revenue ecosystem.


Getting from Point A to Point B: Driving Business Transformation Success with Value Realization

In 2019, Fortune 500 companies spent $900 billion on failed digital transformation efforts. It didn't have to be that way - and you can avoid it in your company. Learn how showing the value of transformation incrementally is key to gaining buy-in and sustaining your transformation efforts, why you need to capture the drivers that triggered your transformation, and why KPIs are vital to illustrate the sustained benefits of every step on your transformation journey.

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