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The State of Revenue Intelligence

As data-driven sales planning becomes the new-normal, revenue intelligence is more important than ever. Yet, 65% of the senior leaders we interviewed are unfamiliar with the concept. Is it any wonder that 91% of companies miss their forecasts?

These are just two findings from Xactly’s latest report - The State of Revenue Intelligence - where we surveyed over 250 global revenue leaders. The results not only provide a vital benchmark for revenue intelligence, they also present a clear path forward for businesses during times of economic uncertainty.

Download your free copy and learn:

  • How the combination of technology, people and GTM process can inform accurate planning, prediction and performance.
  • The common obstacles that stifle revenue intelligence initiatives.
  • Which types of revenue growth are the most cost-effective.
  • How to create more effective cross-functional revenue operations teams

With revenue intelligence in its early stages of adoption, now is the time to gain the advantage and take control of your future revenue.

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