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The Rally Cry to Reinvent: Unleash Your Greatest Human Potential

Discover why leaders must think differently about how they drive results and how to take your personal brand and career to the next level in this quick read.

This excerpt, written by Xactly’s founder and CEO Chris Cabrera, is designed to start a dialogue about unleashing the power of the people in your sales organization.

These individuals are under constant pressure to generate revenue in an environment of continually changing technology, employee turnover, and market demands. 

Cabrera’s objective is to inspire you to think differently about how you drive results and show you how to take your personal brand and career to the next level.

This quick read will help you learn:

  • Why you must embrace change and constantly reinvent yourself to effectively lead your team.
  • How imperative it is to proactively manage the shifts happening in the sales industry. 
  • The ramifications of being a technology laggard. 
  • Three action-oriented principles that will allow you to champion change in your company.
  • Sales Performance Management