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Build vs. Buy Sales Forecasting Solutions

Mar 21, 2023
In a challenging business climate—economic turbulence, budget constraints, employee churn, and global conflict—it’s critical to have a clear picture of your financial situation and a forward-looking plan. We’ve created this Build vs. Buy illustration to make it easier to determine your sales forecasting future.

When using manual forecasting methods, one of the biggest challenges Sales and Revenue Operations Leaders mention is the lack of objective data and of a single source of truth.

When data is old or scattered and leaders are stuck with static systems and reports, they lack the ability to analyze data. That leads them to risk missing potential revenue opportunities and identifying risks in critical deals, or how to optimize opportunity stage progressions to achieve quota. 

Those still using manual or subjective sales forecast methods are increasingly at risk of being left behind:

Just 45% of sales leaders and sellers have confidence in their sales forecasting accuracy - Gartner

93.6% of B2B organizations missed their first-day quarterly forecast by 10% or more in 2021 - Forrester

On the flip side, forward-thinking organizations are making an initial investment in an automated forecasting solution with powerful out-of-the-box features and flexible customization options. 

Without Xactly Forecasting, calling your number is just a guessing game. Using the product, we’ve been able to increase our sales forecasting accuracy. We’ve experienced extreme growth as an organization, and Xactly Forecasting has been able to support this expansion.

KEITH ROBINSON, Vice President of Sales

With this Build vs. Buy infographic, we've made it easier to consider all of the factors to help settle the dilemma and determine your sales forecasting future.

Grab your copy today.