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Top Cities for Building Your Next Sales Office

Jun 06, 2017
Expanding your sales organization is a big project and the office location can make a huge difference. Here are top cities you should look into for your team.

Can you name the top city in the U.S. for building a new sales team? Houston? Denver? Seattle? Those would all be good guesses, but we wanted to cut out the guesswork using Xactly’s 12 years of compensation data and answer the question with hard numbers. Up until this point you had two options to do this: look at survey data, which can be too subjective, or “Google it.” But by using Xactly Insights™, we were able to analyze and aggregate data from our anonymized, cross-company database to assemble the facts. Since Xactly Insights uses empirical data, you can rest assured you’re leveraging objective info. No opinions, anecdotes, or shots in the dark.

Simply the intelligence you need to make a truly informed decision. To make it easy to decide where to start your sales team, we’ve created an infographic highlighting information from nine major US cities. And even if you’re not looking for a city to a build a news sales office, sales leaders will find the results of our analysis surprising and useful as we uncovered data on a variety of variables, including quota attainment, turnover, and variable compensation costs. To see which areas you should be eyeing for your new sales office—or if your city made the cut—check out the infographic below.

With Xactly Insights™ you’ll get more than the info you need to start your next sales office. Xactly Insights also provides you with industry benchmarking data you can use to implement best practices that help you build better comp plans and maximize returns from your sales organization. To see how Xactly Insights’ data can transform your business, request a demo.

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