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On-Demand: The 10 Data Sources Every Accurate Sales Forecast Needs

Predicting and forecasting sales in today’s economy is more important than ever. Despite that, 91% of businesses still struggle to accurately predict revenue.

While forecasting is, by nature, an uncertain practice, there are incredible AI-driven tools that take the uncertainty out of forecasting. But what data do you need to ensure you can use these AI-driven tools to forecast accurately?

Check out this jam-packed webinar designed for revenue operations professionals and sales leaders to learn about:

  • The key data sources you need to improve your forecasting accuracy
  • Why historical data isn’t enough in the era of AI
  • The power of combining your gut instinct with data-informed forecasting

Watch on-demand now!

Webinar Speakers
Image of Stephanie Schall, forecasting expert and Senior Solutions Consultant at Xactly.
Stephanie Schall
Global Forecasting Strategist

Stephanie Schall is a forecasting expert who has spent the last four years working closely with revenue leaders to uncover and help solve their forecasting challenges, breaking down silos across the organization, educating around best practices that drive the right behaviors and result in forecast accuracy and predictable revenue.

Bayley Fesler
Bayley Fesler
Director, Revenue Operations

Bayley Fesler is a Revenue Operations expert who has spent the last decade optimizing revenue workstreams and transforming sales forecasting. She’s a next-gen leader who uses technology and expertise to change the game when it comes to sales forecasting.