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Five Best Practices to Strengthen Sales Planning Execution

Improve sales planning with data-driven strategy, best practices, and how to boost productivity 20% with these five sales planning tips from Ventana Research.

Historically, sales planning has been a once-a-year exercise done manually using spreadsheets,  lacking any ability to track assumptions or the success of the plan once done. However, without these critical and ongoing insights, organizations can’t make necessary adjustments to course correct capacity, quotas, territories and incentives. Businesses end up paying the price with unachievable targets, resulting in missing targets or paying a higher amount of sales incentives due to bad target setting.

A Ventana Research Sales Analytics Benchmark report found that nearly half of companies have inconsistent execution - caused by a lack of visibility to course correct their sales plans.  

View this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Five best practices to make sales planning a continuous process

  • The critical components of a successful sales planning program

  • The correlation to sales planning investment and revenue performance

  • How planning solutions can increase revenue by uncovering resource gaps and boosting productivity up to 20 percent

Achieve your revenue goals with intelligent sales planning. 

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