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Mastering Xactly: Going Beyond Incent with Data-driven Forecasting

Thursday, March 25, 2021 - 09:00 - 9:30 AM PDT
Accurate forecasting is critical for hitting increasing revenue targets, but that’s hard to do when you’re using gut instincts to manually predict revenue. You’ve already mastered compensation precision with Xactly Incent. Now, learn how to up-level your forecasting with the same data-driven strategy.

When it comes to sales forecasting, there’s little room for error, and tolerance for missing revenue targets is dwindling. Forrester reports that 65 percent of executive boards have less patience than ever for poor growth performance. But it’s nearly impossible to forecast accurately when you’re manually predicting revenue and basing assumptions off of gut instincts.

Fortunately, you’ve already eliminated the guesswork and nailed compensation precision with Xactly Incent. Now it’s time to up-level your forecasting with the same data-driven strategy. Using your CRM data that flows into Xactly Incent, you can forecast with precision and call your number with confidence using Xactly Forecasting.

Join our fifth installment in the Mastering Xactly series for an inside look at Xactly Forecasting and to learn how you can use the solution to: 

  1. Increase revenue forecasting predictability and accuracy
  2. Focus on the right deals and continuously improve your selling process
  3. Create in-depth reports to forecast at the organizational, team, and individual rep level

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