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How to Navigate an Economic Shift with Incentive Comp

In times of economic shifts, uncertainty about the future plays a pivotal role in almost every area of the business—but especially within the revenue organization. As many of the world’s experts are predicting a looming recession, how can sales leaders keep their teams motivated and performing?  

One area you can tweak to account for fast changes in the market is compensation. Not only can you make adjustments to quotas and thresholds, but by providing reps with the visibility into their plans and potential commissions, you can continue to motivate and fairly compensate your top performers so they stick around.

So what does this look like in practice? 

In this quick, 30-min webinar, we’ll talk through:

  1. How shifts in the economy factor in to optimizing compensation
  2. What to look for to assess the health of your sales teams and what should you adjust
  3. How to retain and attract top performers​​​​
  • Incentive Compensation
  • Sales Planning