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Sales Planning Rules to Break Immediately

Sales planning has been run the same way, for the same purposes, for ages. But modern executive teams don’t want old school plans; they want certainty that Sales will meet its forecast. It’s time to re-think what sales planning can be.

Attend “Sales Planning Rules to Break Immediately” and re-imagine—or better yet, reject—old school sales planning, to transform your revenue performance in the new year. Alongside Xactly’s VP Solutions Evangelist Erik Charles and Intangent’s CRO Mike Deleonardis, you will learn the importance of:

  1. Re-scheduling the schedule
  2. Everybody in the room
  3. Quota is flawed, aim higher
  4. Breaking out of data jail
  5. Turning single points of failure into unified points of truth

It’s time to break some rules and deliver sales plans that meet the higher expectations of this new world.

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Webinar Speakers
Erik Charles Headshot, Chief Evangelist at Xactly
Erik W. Charles
Chief Evangelist

Erik serves as a subject matter expert on the interlocking fields of revenue intelligence, revenue performance, and revenue optimization. Erik focuses on helping Xactly drive expansion and growth by better aligning positions, responsibilities, and incentives to be in sync with achievable strategic and tactical goals. He is an accomplished professional with more than two decades of experience in marketing, consulting, and product evangelization.