Sales Performance for SMB Companies

Empowering companies to stay agile, implement simple and faster territory coverage and compensation plans, and use predictive analytics to drive business outcomes.

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Automate Plans with Ease, Speed, and Simplicity

Create territory and compensation plans quickly (as quickly as a few minutes in some cases) with customized reports for your entire sales team. Easily visualize, analyze, and optimize territories so you can lower time spent on administrative tasks, improve commission tracking, increase visibility into incentive spend, and reduce shadow accounting through automation.

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Design the Right Plans to Drive the Right Outcomes

Utilize best practices to identify and eliminate challenges prior to building territory and compensation plans. Design compensation plans that retain and motivate reps using leading industry benchmarks. Maximize return from your incentive spend with a cohesive view into critical sales information, including rep and plan performance.

Build Plan Templates With an Intuitive User Interface, and Seamless Integration

Effortlessly create plans using the familiar look and feel of a spreadsheet user interface, with the ability to access intelligent data. Use customizable plan templates built from industry best practices to save time and effort in creating plans. Integrate with existing CRM systems and easily import reports with a single click.

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